Self-Evaluation Test | Pain Disorders

This self-evaluation test is an easy stress-free way to give yourself a personal evaluation concerning the following Pain Disorders: Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Migraine Headaches. The results of you or your loved one’s self-evaluation can help assess if what you are experiencing is normal, with a healthy nourished brain, or if F&Q could have a life-changing impact for you or your loved ones.

You can start the test at anytime by moving the slider below to show how strongly you feel about each statement. Then simply click on “submit” at the end of the test to determine your results.

1. I often awaken in the middle of the night.
2. I sometimes have difficulty falling a sleep.
3. I experience excessive daytime drowsiness.
4. I have my spouse telling me my snoring is very loud.
5. I have episodes in my sleep where my breathing seems to stop.
6. I experience sleep attacks during the day.
7. I feel like my mood is depressed at many times.
8. I have difficulty concentrating and focusing during the day.
9. I have at times felt apathy and irritability.
10. I have experienced loss of memory (or complaints of decreased memory).
11. I experience headaches and aching pain throughout my body.
12. I often have swelling in my ankles, feet, and hands.
13. I experience backaches, abdominal cramps and pain or heaviness at times.
14. I have at times felt muscle spasms, weight gain, acne flare-ups, nausea, or bloating.
15. I feel like I have slow, sluggish, or lethargic movement.
16. I have had a decreased self-image of myself lately.
17. I feel like my sex drive has changed or I have a loss of sex drive.
18. I am (or partner) having problems ejaculating before my partner desires.
19. I am (or partner) having problems with not ejaculating, or am experiencing a delayed ejaculation.
20. I am (or partner) unable to have an erection sufficient for pleasurable intercourse.
21. I have been feeling pain during intercourse.
22. I have been having difficulty achieving orgasm.
23. I often feel anxiety during intercourse.
24. I felt many high or low blood pressure symptoms such as; headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, or nausea.
25. I have been experiencing dizziness or lightheadedness, or feel like I’m going to fainting.
26. I feel like I have cold, clammy, or pale skin.
27. I have experienced rapid, shallow breathing, or fatigue, depression, or thirst.
28. I have been unable to stop eating and my weight increasing.
29. I have been experiencing many overweight symptoms such as; asthma, diabetes, gallstones, or heart disease.
30. I have been experiencing other overweight symptoms such as; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or lipid problems.

Calculate your total score:

Disclaimer 1: I understand that if my score is 50 points or more, F&Q may be right for me.

Disclaimer 2: I understand that this self-evaluation is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is provided as an aid for self understanding and exploring your life experiences.