Self-Evaluation Test | Attention Disorders

This self-evaluation test is an easy stress-free way to give yourself a personal evaluation concerning the following Attention Disorders: ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The results of you or your loved one’s self-evaluation can help assess if what you are experiencing is normal, with a healthy nourished brain, or if F&Q could have a life-changing impact for you or your loved ones.

You can start the test at anytime by moving the slider below to show how strongly you feel about each statement. Then simply click on “submit” at the end of the test to determine your results.

1. I often have a short attention span unless I was very interested in the particular subject.
2. I have a family history of attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, learning problems or substance abuse.
3. I didn’t (or am not) work up to my potential in school, received a lot of “not working to potential” teacher comments.
4. I have difficulty putting thoughts on paper or verbally expressing my thoughts and feelings.
5. I have trouble listening or following directions.
6. I can frequently forget or misplaces things.
7. I feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day and may procrastinate, especially with multi-faceted tasks.
8. I have difficulty learning new games and new skills and can sometimes transpose numbers, letters or words.
9. I often have trouble sitting still, sitting in one place too long, or difficulty waiting in turn during group activities.
10. I am often easily bored, impatient or feel increased anxiety or nervousness.
11. I can become upset very easily or be “thin-skinned.”
12. I often lack tact, often spurting out the first thing that comes to mind and then later regretting having said it.
13. I sometimes act impulsively or dangerously without considering the consequences.
14. I sometimes start to answer questions before the questions are fully asked.
15. I have sometimes lied or stole on impulse.
16. I have mood swings from highs to lows.
17. I have difficulty waking up, feeling fully awake, frequently tired or even difficulty falling asleep.
18. I can frequently daydream, “space out,” or a tendency to drift away?
19. I can sometimes be argumentative or can often turn words around in conversations.
20. I have a tendency toward obsessive behaviors.
21. I have sometimes “spaced out” when under pressure and is easily overwhelmed by everyday tasks.
22. I can sometimes get lost spending excessive time on a project and I forget about everything around me.
23. I can be very inconsistent with my performance at work, school, relationships or life in general.
24. I have had frequent behavior problems whether verbally or physically abusive, or with rage outbursts.
25. I can sometimes worry needlessly or excessively.
26. I have had problems with self-esteem or acting immature for my age.
27. I sometimes have trouble getting started on projects or finishing them on time.
28. I can sometimes have a negative attitude or have trouble maintaining friendships.
29. I sometimes have a low frustration tolerance.
30. I can startle easily.

Calculate your total score:

Disclaimer 1: I understand that if my score is 50 points or more, F&Q may be right for me.

Disclaimer 2: I understand that this self-evaluation is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is provided as an aid for self understanding and exploring your life experiences.