F&Q Questions


Listed below are the most commonly asked questions that I get asked on a daily basis to help you with F&Q…

1) Q – How many capsules of F&Q should I take per day?

A – Adults may take one (1) to six (6) capsules per day, or more within reason. Three (3) capsules per day is the average.

2) Q – How many capsules of F&Q should a child take per day?

A – Children over four years old should be started on a half (½) capsule to three (3) capsules per day, depending on age and weight.

3) Q – At what age may a child start taking F&Q?

AF&Q has been used by children as young as four years old. Many children with behavioral issues or mood disorders have been helped by the F&Q formulation.

4) Q – I am unable to swallow pills and capsules, so, what should I do?

A – Simply open a capsule into a small amount of water, stir it briskly, and drink it. The solution is virtually tasteless.

5) Q – Can I take F&Q just once per day?

AF&Q stays in your system, showering your brain with neuro-nutrients, for about eight hours. Because of this, optimum results are achieved by taking F&Q at separate times throughout the day.

6) Q – When should I take F&Q?

A – For best results, consistent daily use is important. It is advisable to start out with two (2) capsules thirty minutes before breakfast and one (1) capsule thirty minutes before dinner. If you take more than three (3) capsules per day, divide them over the course of your day. Because metabolic rates vary and are not constant throughout the day, a little experimentation will help you to determine the times that are best for you or your child to take F&Q. Most importantly, make sure to take F&Q on an empty stomach for maximum effectiveness.

7) Q – Why should F&Q be taken on an empty stomach?

AF&Q is composed of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids precisely formulated to produce a synergistic effect. Every fraction of a microgram of each of this supplements neuro-nutrients is imperative to the formula. Nonetheless, two of the most important neuro-nutrients in F&Q are its amino acids potentized 100 fold by the designed synergy of the formulation’s nutrients. Amino acids, in relatively minute quantities, are present in most of the foods we eat. After amino acids enter the body, they compete for absorption by the intestines and, eventually, by the cells which use them to produce essential chemicals. Therefore, if amino acids from foods are in your system, those amino acids will compete for absorption with the amino acids provided by F&Q. This would lessen, often greatly, the results a person would achieve from F&Q.

8) Q – I have a very sensitive digestive system. Will F&Q give me an upset stomach?

A – There are no known cases of a person having an upset stomach. It may be advisable to take F&Q with food though, if a person did experience an upset stomach. However, the results you’ll achieve from F&Q may be lessened.

9) Q – May I take other nutritional supplements along with F&Q?

A – Yes, you may. But take F&Q and other supplements at different times because the formulation of the neuro-nutrients in F&Q may be altered by other nutritional supplements. A good rule of thumb is to take F&Q thirty minutes before your meals and take your other supplements after your meals. Again, best results are achieved if you allow your body to fully absorb the nutrients in F&Q prior to introducing other nutrients from supplements or foods.

10) Q – May I take medications along with F&Q?

A – The only medications F&Q is known to react with are antidepressants known as MAO inhibitors. F&Q and MAO inhibitors neutralize each other and, therefore, should not be taken even during separate times of the day. Furthermore, it is always good to check with the physician who prescribed any medication(s) you are taking to make sure that there are no contraindications whatsoever. If you do take medications along with F&Q, they must be taken at different times so that F&Q and the medication(s) do not alter their different actions.

11) Q – Are there any people who should not take F&Q?

A – Yes. Phenylketonurics are people with a rare condition in which the body is missing the necessary gene to properly metabolize phenylalanine, an amino acid which is found in many foods, and which is also an ingredient in F&Q. This condition is often referred to as PKU. Also, pregnant and lactating women should not take F&Q because it may not be known, or yet known, whether an unborn or newborn child has PKU. However, chances are that if you’re an adult, and you have PKU, you would know it. Babies in the United States have been tested for PKU for several decades. Furthermore, if you are able to drink sugar-free soft drinks, eat sugar-free gum, etc., without getting a headache or becoming otherwise ill, that’s another indication that you don’t have PKU.

12) Q – Will F&Q react with my blood pressure medication?

A – We have not known this to happen. However, if you have any concerns, it’s always good to first check with your physician.

13) Q – My child is taking a prescription antidepressant. Should I ease him off of it, or can he stop cold turkey while taking F&Q?

A – We have received numerous letters and calls from people who have gotten off their antidepressant medications cold turkey, and many from those who’ve gradually reduced their medications to zero. The decision must be made by each individual parent in consultation with their child and, preferably, they’re attending physician.

14) Q – I never seem to get a good night’s sleep. Will F&Q help and how should I take it?

A – For people who are taking this AminoAcid Supplement to correct problems with sleeping, you may find that taking F&Q in the morning is all that is needed to achieve a better more restful sleep at night. And, although some people love to take F&Q just before they go to bed because they wake up in the morning feeling more alert and motivated, others find that taking it late at night keeps them awake. Therefore, again, a little experimentation will help you decide when and how to best take F&Q. It simply depends on how you metabolize. Everyone is different.

15) Q – I think I have some severe problems that could be helped by F&Q. How many capsules should I take per day?

A – In severe cases, a person may wish to immediately start with six (6) capsules or more per day. Adults suffering from severe stress problems may need six (6) to twelve (12) capsules per day for one to two months. However, this increases the chances of experiencing a headache in which case you should take fewer capsules until you find the amount that works for you. After one to two months of taking six (6) to twelve (12) capsules per day of F&Q, you may want to experiment to see if you can take fewer.

16) Q – I am a vegetarian, is there anything in F&Q that would not be suitable for my intake?

A – No, F&Q is all natural, hypoallergenic and contains the purest neuro-nutrients obtainable!

— no preservatives
— no colorings
— no chemicals
— no coatings
— no additives
— no fragrance
— no sweeteners
— no sugars
— no enhancers
— no yeast
— no animal
— no calories
— no soy
— no egg
— no gluten
— no starch
— no wheat
— no dairy

17) Q – How long will it take and what will I experience after taking F&Q

A – Many people will feel a difference immediately after taking F&Q; some people won’t notice a difference for four to six weeks; and, because the results feel so natural – the way a person is supposed to feel, some will never notice much at all; it will be their families, friends and co-workers who’ll notice the improvements. Furthermore, F&Q‘s neuro-nutrients do not “trick” the brain. Instead, the neuro-nutrients feed the brain. Therefore, a person who takes F&Q should never expect to feel a “buzz” or a “high.”

18) Q – I am very sensitive to anything I take. What happens if I don’t feel something after I take F&Q?

A – If you are a person who is very sensitive to anything you consume, and you feel that you should be noticing a difference but are not, you may want to gradually increase the amount of F&Q you take until you achieve the desired effect. (In clinical terms this is called precursor preloading.) After you have achieved the desired effect, you may experiment to determine the amount of F&Q you must continue to take in order to maintain the desired effect. Those familiar with nutrition generally agree that it takes a minimum of ninety days to correct a nutritional deficiency. Remember, your problems did not come on overnight and, in all likelihood, they will not disappear overnight.

19) Q – Are there any side effects to F&Q and why?

A – A few people, after they begin taking F&Q, go through a period of adjustment while their chemistry rebalances. In rare instances some people may experience one of the following: sleepiness, nighttime sleep disturbance, nightmares, sadness or tearfulness, and in some instances irritability or anger. This period of adjustment is, again, rare and normally only lasts three to ten days. If any of these adverse effects seem too difficult to contend with, simply lower your number of F&Q capsules you take to one-half to one capsule per day or every other day, and gradually, over a period of three to six weeks, raise the number to the desired recommended amounts.

20) Q – Are there any reasons why the effect F&Q has on me would change?

A – When taken consistently, the positive effects of F&Q remain constant for most people. However, strong changes in weather (hot to cold/cold to hot, sunny to gray/gray to sunny), caused by either seasonal changes or travel, can effect a person’s metabolic rate. This can also effect the body’s utilization of F&Q until the person’s body adjusts.

21) Q – How do I know F&Q is for me?

AF&Q is a foundational brain supplement that provides your central nervous system with a balanced supply of micronutrients for optimal brain function. Most everyone can benefit from daily use of F&Q.

22) Q – Why are the ratios of nutrients so important?

A – Deficiency of one nutrient can make you unable to absorb other nutrients properly, which leads to multiple, inter-related deficiencies. These deficiencies seem to disrupt the brain chemical function in people with certain disorders.

23) Q – How do you know it’s not just a placebo effect?

A – Numerous studies on the placebo effect have shown that a placebo effect only lasts a short time, then the effect disappears and symptoms return. F&Q does not “stop working.”

24) Q – How could vitamins and minerals work where drugs have failed?

A – Many people end up using F&Q because drugs have not worked for them. Research has shown that people who have mental illnesses seem to need more of certain vitamins and trace minerals. F&Q works by giving the brain an optimized balance of vitamins and trace minerals on a regular basis. The hypothesis is that the nutrients go to the root cause of imbalances rather than just treating the symptoms.

25) Q – Does F&Q cause weight gain?

AF&Q should not cause weight gain or a significant increase in appetite. The best thing to do if you find yourself gaining weight is to get more exercise and fill up on fresh, leafy vegetables.

26) Q – Will F&Q impact drug tests?

A – No, F&Q will not change any drug urine test.

27) Q – How does the chelation process work?

A – Because minerals are difficult for the body to digest in pure form, the minerals in F&Q go through a rigorous process that wraps them in organic molecules and binds them to proteins the body can easily recognize and digest. There are many types of chelation in nature and in medicine; the chelation agents used in F&Q are natural biological agents that are proprietary, as is that technology.

28) Q – Does the manufacturing process potentially expose F&Q to food allergens?

A – No, the manufacturing does not expose the formula to allergens.

29) Q – Can F&Q help with addiction issues?

AF&Q is a great aid to help boost the fight against addiction. Most addictions key off of the lack of dopamine and adrenalin that so often occur with stress and genetic predisposition. The amino acid components in F&Q are metabolized directly to dopamine and adrenalin and can be very effective in reducing cravings.

29) Q – Can I take F&Q if I drink alcohol?

A – Alcohol is not a problem with F&Q. Avoid overuse of alcohol, however, as that can sap neurotransmitters and lead to depressed moods.

30) Q – Can F&Q help with nerve function?

AF&Q helps increase neurotransmitter chemicals, which can boost nerve function.

31) Q – Can F&Q cause low blood pressure?

A – There is nothing in F&Q that would cause low blood pressure. Low blood pressure is a common problem, especially with women, and it is due to internal factors in the body in most cases. The minerals in F&Q can actually help keep blood pressure normal, as can the phenylalanine in F&Q. Phenylalanine is known as a sympathomimetic amine and these are commonly used to help treat low blood pressure.

32) Q – Do F&Q contain genetically modified ingredients?

AF&Q and their ingredients are non-GMO.

33) Q – Can I take F&Q with other vitamins and minerals?

A – Because F&Q is a combination that relies on a precise balance of ingredients, for best results, we generally recommend that no additional mineral supplements be taken along with it, other than as recommended by a customer’s healthcare provider. However, in cases where people may wish to take additional supplements, we suggest you consult the ingredient dose on the F&Q ingredient label, add the dose of additional supplements you wish to take, and compare the value against the Tolerable Upper Limits set by the Institute of Medicine(this information is easily found online). You can then make an informed decision—along with your healthcare provider—about whether the additional supplement is appropriate for you.

34) Q – How is taking F&Q for my symptoms better than taking medication?

A – Most medications attempt to address the symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and not the core issue of imbalance. Rather than covering up the symptoms with medication, F&Q aims to address the core concerns and eliminate deficiencies that cause many symptoms related to mood disorders.

35) Q – What should I expect when transitioning from medications?

A – As you build up the key nutrient balance in your body, medications can become an issue. Making the transition from psychiatric medications to F&Q must be done with proper supervision. Please DO NOT adjust medications on your own as medication withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. After the transition period, most of our users find that they enjoy the benefits of mental health without the side effects that they experienced on drugs.