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Case Study 1

“Chronic Pain And I Have Gone To Different Doctors Regarding My Back Pain And Nothing Seemed To Help… Every Single Morning I Would Wake Up With This Immense Pain In My Back And It Wouldn’t Go Away Until Much Later In The Day”

“Dear Dr. Edder, it has now been 10 months since my grandmother passed away, but I’ve never formally thanked you for everything you did for us and that’s what this letter is all about.

As you remember, my grandma was progressively getting worse with her chronic pain, memory and daily activities when we moved her from Clovis to Fort Worth. Once I found you, I didn’t let you go and week after week kept driving my grandma for her appointments to see you.

You took care of her and her chronic pain unlike any other doctor. You really did.

Her life after we met you was better than it had been in the previous months with chronic pain. Her other doctors prescribed sedatives and anything to keep her calm or asleep. You told us about F&Q to help her and it made such a difference in not only her memory but the chronic pain she’s been experiencing for years.

I can’t thank you enough. You don’t know this, but my family has been taking F&Q also and it’s helped us so much too.

I would not want to live without it at this point. Not only do I feel better mentally, but I have gone to different doctors regarding my back pain and nothing seemed to help. Every single morning I would wake up with this immense pain in my back and it wouldn’t go away until much later in the day. You’ll be pleased to know that I have not had ANY back aches since taking F&Q. What a blessing!

In conclusion, it’s helped our family incredibly and I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for us personally.”

—Jody W., Fort Worth, TX

Case Study 2

“Chronis Fatigue Syndrome ( CFS ) Symptoms Relapsed With Fatigue And Extreme Muscle Pain But Also Short Term Memory Loss, Poor Concentration… And More With Months Spent Barely Living Any Sort Of Life”

“I started on F&Q in April while experiencing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which had been diagnosed at the beginning of last year and had completely altered my life.

Blood tests found I’d had both Ross River Fever and Glandular Fever previously and followed a diagnosis of depression two years ago to go along with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( CFS ). I was working as a Marine Biologist on the Great Barrier Reef at the time and had nothing to be depressed about except then the CFS was making it impossible for me to work beyond a few hours let alone scuba dive.

By June on a total raw food and fresh juice diet I felt fit enough to return to work full-time. By August I had relapsed with not only the symptoms of fatigue and extreme muscle pain but also short term memory loss, poor concentration and coherency to the extent of problems with speech, digestive disorders, periods of potential heart failure and more with months spent barely living any sort of life.

I couldn’t get off the anti-depressant Aropax from which I was experiencing disturbing side effects and my savings were dwindling as I spent $100s on supplements from the health food stores which didn’t seem to be having any beneficial effect.

Within one week of putting all the supplements aside and taking F&Q my stamina had increased remarkably out in the boat, rock-hopping, fishing, swimming, long walks and spending the evenings upright with friends. I increased F&Q to twice a day and continued to improve. By three weeks my Dr was impressed with my dramatically improved coherency and concentration and I had literally forgotten to take the anti-depressant (a previously impossible intention due to the resultant mood swings, irritability, aggression etc). Drug free and side-effect free within three weeks.

This entire time I was on raw foods and the only thing different I had done in my life was to add F&Q. My health has continued to improve rapidly.

NO-one thinks I could possibly have CFS due to my energy and enthusiasm and I am feeling more vitalized and looking better than I did prior to CFS.

I walk the dog daily; do aerobics and dancing 3 to 4 times a week and I now feel fit enough to dive again…all in the space of 3 months.”

—Valerie, A., Bowling Green, KY

Case Study 3

“Headaches & High Blood Pressure Was 240 Over 160 And I Was Put On Antidepressants – Ended Up With Kidney Troubles – Two Major Strokes – And Even More Severe Headaches”

“I started having trouble with my blood pressure about 5 years ago. My high blood pressure was 240 over 160. I was put on antidepressants and headache and high blood pressure medication right away.

That was the beginning of my troubles. The headaches and high blood pressure went down, but I began having trouble at work. I couldn’t remember anything. My work performance was unacceptable.

Then I started bruising. I had bruises everywhere. I looked like an early Easter egg. Then I ended up in the hospital with kidney trouble. After a week I was let go, and my medicine was doubled.

All this time my blood pressure went up and down, never where it should be. Then, another trip to the hospital with kidney trouble.

Then I had to go for minor surgery for another problem in March. According to my husband, I had two major strokes, and several small ones. For 21 days I was on total life support.

After two months I was home with a constant very severe headache and double the meds.

After numerous trips to the doctor and experimenting with several meds, Dave, my husband, discovered F&Q. After I went on this F&Q my headaches went away, and I’ve never had my blood pressure be so normal.

The kidneys are fine, and no more bruising. Thank you for making my life normal again.”

—Jeri W., Broken Arrow, OK

Case Study 4

“I Was Daily Drinking An Average Of Eight 32 oz Cups Of Caffeinated Iced Tea – Then I Forgot It And Within An Hour I Was Physically Ill With Severe Headaches, Nausea…”

“Addiction and insomnia would just about sum it up the last few years and now F&Q has done some exciting things for the addiction and insomnia that my family has been suffering from, and just how fast it’s worked in a very short period of time.

Prior to F&Q, I was very addicted to caffeine. I was drinking an average of 832 ounces of caffeinated iced tea a day. The addiction and insomnia specialist doctor had told me that I was very addicted and should very SLOWLY work on reducing this down to a reasonable amount. He cautioned, though, that I could not reduce this caffeine quickly or I would experience ugly side effects.

In fact, one day I had forgotten my iced tea while we were camping. I thought I would be fine without it, although it was driving me nuts to not have my usual morning amount. However, I was wrong! In less than an hour I begin to feel physically ill with severe headache and nausea. My husband took me into town to find some iced tea. During the 10-minute trip I became more ill. Once we got to the station, I bought 2 large Iced teas and drank one and a-half of them (almost without a breath). At that point, my physical ailments disappeared. I knew then that my addiction was really bad.

One week after taking F&Q faithfully (2 capsules, 3 times a day); I was able to break my addiction WITHOUT any side effects. I was amazed!

Also, 8 months prior to F&Q, I was put on a tranquilizer (1-2 capsules of Doxepin, 25 mg each) in order to sleep at night. I was fighting a bad case of sleeplessness due to stress. But again, after taking F&Q for 10 days, I was sleeping at night without the assistance of tranquilizers.

Absolutely nothing more in my life has changed in this time frame, outside of taking F&Q. I am thrilled with the results and now have my two sons taking F&Q for mental clarity at school!

My mother, who is a nurse, put my nine year old nephew on F&Q. He has a difficult case of ADHD. She started him a month ago on 1 capsule 3 times a day.

My nephew, who has never passed any tests at school, came home this past week with grades of A’s and B’s. He also passed a reading test. The teacher wrote on his test paper, “WOW, he passed a test!!” What a feeling! My mom has now been able to reduce his dose of Ritalin. She plans to continue reducing his prescribed medication slowly, while also increasing F&Q dosage to 2 capsules, 3 times a day!

I will faithfully continue to use this miracle food and share with others the successes that we have had!”

—Beverly B., Walla Walla, WA

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