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Case Study 1

“Parkinson’s Disease Is What My Wife Was Diagnosed With About 16 Years Ago On Seven Drugs – Sinemet, Eldepyrl, Lasix, K-Lyte DS, Theraputic Iron, Premarin And Clorazil”

“Parkinson’s disease is what my wife was diagnosed with about 16 years ago. I had to put her in a nursing home for her parkinson’s disease 3 ½ years ago after she had terrible hallucinations. She was there until just this last May.

She was on seven parkinson’s disease drugs:

Sinemet — to relieve tremor and enable mobility every 24 hours.
Eldepyrlto help sinemet last longer.
Lasixto reduce edema side effect.
K-Lyte DSreplace potassium lost due to Lassix.
Theraputic IronI don’t know the reason.
PremarinEstrogen replacement…Ovaries removed.
ClorazilControl hallucinations side effect caused by one or more of the above.

In addition, blood had to be checked two to three times per week for one possible side effect of Clozaril, which may lower her white blood cell count to fatal level.

In mid April I started giving her F&Q2 caps in the morning (I visited her every morning at breakfast) and left two caps for her to take in the evening. I always took her home overnight every other week, but on one of the mornings in May, I forgot to give her the 8 a.m. dose of Sinemet.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t given it to her until 10 a.m. (she hadn’t shown the usual symptoms). I then gave her the 10 a.m. dose. She said she was very tired and wanted to get some sleep.

The medication always wore off before the next 2-hour dose at which time she would wake up with severe tremors and almost total immobility. This time she slept like a baby until I woke her to give her something to eat at 8 p.m. She was showing no signs of symptoms; ate a decent supper and went back to bed to sleep undisturbed until 6 a.m.

She hadn’t slept like that for several years. She didn’t show any signs of needing any medication until 11 p.m. Sunday. She had no Rx drugs from 10 a.m. Saturday until 11 p.m. Sunday at which time the tremor started. At 11 p.m. I gave Sinemet only and she had another restful night and showed no signs of tremor until 10 a.m. Monday.

That’s when I decided not to return her to the nursing home.

Since 10 a.m. May 25th she is taking only one Rx drug (Sinemet PRN). She is taking 2 caps of F&Q 3 times per day. My son and I are taking 2 caps 2 times per day. It’s doing a world of good for all us.

Why did I try F&Q? In none of the literature I received was there a mention of F&Q being tested for Parkinsonism. But it does mention that it goes through the brain barrier and provides the brain with the proper nutrients the manufacturing cells must have to restore the Neurotransmitters which are being constantly depleted. Hey, isn’t *dopamine a neurotransmitter? That’s enough for me.

Some say that F&Q didn’t have anything to do with her vast improvement, but they would be hard pressed to convince me otherwise.”

*Dopamine is responsible for smooth controlled motor movements.

—Charles A., Kimball, NE

Case Study 2

“Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ) – Patient Was Brought To Me About Only 2 Months Ago — She Was 2 ½ Years In A Wheelchair And With Tremors For 1 ½ Years”

“Restoring the neurotransmitters has been very difficult for me with parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis ( MS ) patients until F&Q came along.

One day a woman with multiple sclerosis ( MS ) was wheeled into my office. Through contacting the correct reflexes and muscles (Contact Reflex Analysis), I learned that she had virtually no electricity going to her brain.

I determined she was starving for these brain nutrients. I suggested *1215 capsules per day for however long it takes. I started her on F&Q, and within a week her visiting nurse asked her, “What have you been doing? You have never had this kind of improvement in the years I’ve been coming here.”

The nurse thought she had made some kind of mistake and wanted to re-evaluate her. The nurse went to her house the next day and said, “I didn’t make a mistake. You’ve improved since yesterday and if you keep on improving at this pace, you’ll be out of your wheelchair within three months!”

After the 1st dose her tremors had stopped and have stayed that way thus far. After the 2nd day on F&Q she said she could see her clock from across the room, which she hadn’t been able to see for over a year.

Her progress was evaluated by her visiting nurse again after two weeks. The evaluation was “phenomenal” according to the report.

Personally I think it’s possible for it to happen in three months, but more likely six months to a year. Understand, this multiple sclerosis ( MS ) patient was only brought to me about 2 months ago… she was 2 ½ years in a wheelchair and with tremors for 1 ½ years… and now look where she is!”

I also have a client with parkinson’s disease who cannot do without F&Q. When he’s on it, the tremors are minor. Even his own doctor told him, “Don’t get off that. It’s helping you,” In the two years that he’s been taking it his parkinson’s disease hasn’t progressed, as it would in most cases.

* This number of capsules is not a standard dose, and would only be recommended in extreme cases.

—Doris Schmidling R.C., Certified K.P., Holistic Caregiver Certified, Tacoma, WA

Case Study 3

“Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ) I Have Been Suffering From For A Long Time With Main SymptomsBeing Insomnia, Fatigue, And Tingling Hands”

“Multiple sclerosis ( MS ) has been crippling my wife and now F&Q is doing very well for her multiple sclerosis ( MS ) since August and here is her testimony.

Multiple sclerosis ( MS ) and a little note about what F&Q did for me. Since early April I have been suffering from an episode of multiple sclerosis ( MS ). My main symptoms being insomnia, fatigue and tingling hands.

After a couple of treatments for the multiple sclerosis ( MS ), most of my symptoms went away except for the insomnia and fatigue. After months of this I became very depressed.

Last week I started F&Q and immediately slept better! What does “better” mean? Well, I fall asleep faster. Prior to that I had nights when I was awake all night. I sleep longerbefore I would wake up two hours early after taking several hours to fall asleep.

Most importantly I actually dream. Something I did not realize I was not doing until it returned. This is a sign to me that I am getting into REM sleep, a most important part of sleep.

My mood is much improved. I am humming to myself throughout the day! I do not get excited and emotional about life’s little challenges – like work and parenting.

The fatigue due to lack of sleep was a walking hell. I was dragging myself through each day. All I wanted was sleep but my body would not let me. Now I just drop off and dream.”

—Maureen M., Albany, GA

Case Study 4

“Sleep Disorder, Insomnia – I Had Two Strokes At Age 44 And Since 1989 Have Not Been Able To Sleep Normal”

“I’ve been taking F&Q for several weeks and it helps me with my sleep disorder or insomnia in getting to sleep at night more easily than before I was taking it with the sleep disorder endlessly tormenting me.

I had two strokes at age 44 and since 1989 have had insomnia where I can’t seem to sleep normal hours as something was missing in the brain function that was causing the sleep disorder. That is what I believe now after reading your book and using F&Q.

I don’t have to take sleep disorder prescription pills to sleep anymore and I rest better than I used to. Now, I wake up with a feeling of being more rested and I sleep more soundly.”

—Becky W., Juneau, AK

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