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Case Study 1

“Insomnia And Depression Run In My Family – Diagnosed “Classic” Migraine Headache Sufferer – Then, I tried Prozac, Paxil And Effexor”

“Insomnia and depression run in my family. My grandmother had insomnia and depression most of her life. As a teenager I had bouts of deep depression. I didn’t understand my thinking process. I just reacted to a feeling that distorted my thinking process. No one understood then that depression could be as simple as a brain chemical imbalance resulting from a lack of specific nutrients that the brain uses to make the “feel good” neurotransmitters.

In my early 20’s I began to develop erratic insomnia sleeping patterns, and began to sleep less and less. I’d go to bed, and in spite of being exhausted and desperate for sleep, I couldn’t fall asleep until somewhere between 3 and 6 a.m. My sleep was light and fitful, and I’d wake up with the slightest noise or disturbance and not go back to sleep. The next night would be the same, and the next night. After several days or weeks I’d get ONE good night’s sleep with the aid of a sleeping pill. Then, it would start all over again. After several years of this I lost the ability to express optimism, because I was giving up. All the optimism I could muster wasn’t helping me to sleep. So I cried in frustration, feeling angry and hopeless. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired, life goes on and you still have to function. I desperately wanted to sleep and feel what it was like to wake up every morning rested and renewed. Instead, I’d lie there until the last possible moment in hopes of drifting off for just a few minutes.

Then, I tried Prozac. Then Paxil. Then Effexor. Antidepressants that all helped me to calm down inside and sleep easier. But they all had side effects that I couldn’t tolerate. Finally, I gave up on those. Sleeping pills only worked 1 or 2 nights, then worked in the reverse. I tried Melatonin. It seemed to help some, but I worried about the fact that it’s a hormone, and wondered about long term effects.

A dear friend told me about F&Q because it had helped him get over his mid-winter blues. He didn’t know the problems I had, or that I’d want to try it. After reading about neurotransmitters, stress and depression, I was intrigued and tried it out of pure curiosity. I’ve taken F&Q for almost a year now, and I really don’t think I could be without it. This may sound dramatic, but desperate situations are dramatic. My entire family suffered with me. My frustrations and hopelessness became theirs. There is no way around this. Within 3 to 6 weeks of taking F&Q consistently, I began to fall asleep within minutes after going to bed. And sleeping all night long! If I got up during the night, I could fall asleep again. I’d forgotten what a blessing this kind of sleep was like. My husband observed and commented on my renewed spontaneous joy, enthusiasm and good nature. I began to express more love because I FELT LIKE IT, and my family needed and deserved that from me.

I’ve tried going without F&Q on occasion, because when we start to feel better we often forget what we were dealing with before. It only takes 2-3 days without it to start experiencing the sleep disorder and its accompanying rippling effects on my life. I also notice more inner anxiety and nervousness without F&Q, so I just start taking it again, and all is better.

When the chemical balance in your brain improves, nice things happen. F&Q gives me a sense of “calm”, and inner peace. Stressful events no longer cause excessive anxiety. I feel that over time the net effect of this will be better health and longevity because “getting worked up” and “stressing out” accumulate to cause illness and wear out your body. I’m a more productive, effective and creative individual as a result.

I also want to mention, because it may prove useful to others, that I’m a diagnosed “classic” migraine headache sufferer. I learned several years ago how to control them through diet. However, because I slip up on a regular basis, I still get the resultant headache. I’ve found that if I take 3 – 4 of these F&Q capsules, the headache and accompanying symptoms go away within about 20 – 30 minutes.”

—LeAnne P., Kalispell, MT

Case Study 2

“Marriage, Three Children, Graduate School, Divorce, Move Into New York City, Move OUT Of New York City, Earn A Pink Cadillac, Move Away From My Family To Find My True Identity… Wherever I Was, I Didn’t Want To Be There”

“Depression and anxiety are the first words that comes to mind when asked about what F&Q has done for me, and gratitude for helping me with my depression and anxiety.

I have a graduate degree in counseling ( no, not for anxiety and depression ), coached entrepreneurs in how to be successful in business, and have taken over 20 years of personal growth and spiritual courses trying to get to my “connection” and peace of mind.

Even with all of those wonderful experiences, I would still find myself going back to “Is that all there is?”, “What’s the use?”, “Will I ever financially make it on my own?”, “Will I ever find the right soul mate, job, etc.?” I was the kid who went to the circus expecting the trapeze artist to fall. My whole modus operandi was expecting the worst to happen so I could say, “See I told you bad things would happen.”

At age 15, I began living “If only.” If only I would find a boyfriend, then I would be happy. If only I found the right college, then I would be happy. If only I had enough money, then I would be happy. It went on and on – marriage, three children, graduate school, divorce, move into New York City, move OUT of New York City, earn a pink Cadillac, move away from my family to find out my true identity, etc., etc., etc. Wherever I was, I didn’t want to be there.

Finally, I realized it’s not the outside events and people that are causing my life to happen. It’s what’s going on inside, in the way of emotions and thoughts that make me respond to life in either a positive or negative way. My most important project then began – to find a way to inner peace of mind and joy. And, to think now that it only meant that the neurotransmitters in my brain were lacking the proper nutrition.

After a series of events I met a friend who introduced me to F&Q. After eight days I began to feel joyful. After three weeks I began to EXPECT GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN. Now, after my fifth bottle of F&Q I experience the peace of mind, calmness, and feeling of being loved from within that I always prayed for.

I have been testing F&Q in my own way. I’ve found that no matter what might be happening in my outside world – financial challenges, being single, or approaching the “senior” age, I am still able to experience my sense of calmness, hope and renewed confidence in my income-producing skills, as well as my entire life. I’m not afraid of becoming a debilitated senior but rather an exhilarated senior!

I am eternally grateful to my friend for introducing me to F&Q.”

—Suzanne A., Waco, TX

Case Study 3

“Depression And Stress Made Me More Negative, More Pessimistic, And I Struggled With Depression For Years, Even After I Left The Music Industry”

“In the 1970s and ‘80s I played drums professionally. I did big band music in high school ( very low stress and depression there :-) ) and college and then went on to play rhythm and blues, Latin, Salsa, jazz-fusion, and a lot of Reggae music. I’ve played in all types of settings. I’ve done live performances and I’ve been in the recording studio working on projects with various artists.

Making a career in the professional music industry can bring about an enormous amount of stress and depression. I think a lot of the excessive partying and substance abuse that takes place among people in the industry is really just people trying to escape the reality of the business.

When you’re under a lot of high stress, there’s a tendency to act and react to things on instinct rather than thinking things through.

For me, the real stress started when one of my bands was just about to be signed with a well-known record label. We were sick and tired of playing the local night club scene and were really excited about the prospect of being signed. Then there was a fallout in the industry, and our deal fell through.

From then on it was an up and down battle for me to escape with stress and depression.

It took me a long time to realize that undue stress can cause chemical changes in your body that create imbalances and affect your outlook. It made me more negative, more pessimistic, and I struggled with depression for years, even after I left the music industry.

Then about four years ago a friend who had gone through severe depression turned me on to F&Q containing the amino acid DL-phenylalanine and others.

After the first couple weeks I started to gradually feel better. I noticed that in times of stress and tension I had more mental clarity. I was able to manage the stress better and think more clearly and logically.

Because I feel better physically and mentally, I’m able to think and react to things more positively. That’s especially helpful now that I have my own business doing cus painting.

F&Q has helped me to balance out. It has helped me look beyond the stress and tension of everyday life and focus my mental energies on being a better person.”

—Terry G., Irvine, CA

Case Study 4

“I Suffer From Severe Depression and OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – It Got Worse, Until All I Did Was Lie In Bed And Want To Commit Suicide”

“Depression and OCD obsessive compulsive disorder is what I suffer from. Even as a child I was always very sad and shy, (really it was depression and OCD) but did not understand why. As I grew older the depression got worse, until all I did was lie in bed and want to commit suicide. I realized I needed help or I would die.

I have tried many depression and OCD antidepressants through the years, and when I felt better I would go off of them. But then very quickly the depression would come back, only worse. I had also gained about 20 lbs. on these.

At my doctor’s insistence I decided to stay on Prozac. It helped for a while, but then I would have these extreme highs and lows. From one day to the next I did not know how I was going to feel.

I had tried for years to find something to take the place of my Prozac to keep my moods up, but nothing had helped… until now.

I decided to go to a holistic fair, which was very fascinating and helpful. I got so excited when I read about F&Q, but I also thought, oh here we go again with another supplement that claims to help depression. So, I called the name on the brochure and talked with the lady. She had a letter from a cuser who was taking F&Q for depression and gone off Prozac. I thought; what have I got to lose?

Even after 2 days I noticed a change. I have weaned myself slowly off the Prozac, and I can’t believe how wonderful I feel! I feel better than when I was on the Prozac. My disposition stays high and the same day after day. I feel the stress is under control and I feel calm. This is a miracle!”

—Jerry S., Eden, WY

Case Study 5

“Depression For 7 Weeks And It Seemed To Get Worse Every Day… My Husband Has Always Fought Mood Swings, Depression, And Hypoglycemia”

“Depression had just ripped our family apart now for a little while and I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how we found F&Q, what it’s done for us with the depression, and how fabulous we think it is!

Our 21-year-old, only child, Andrea (and no depression doesn’t effect her thank goodness), left home in February to participate in military service with the Navy, going immediately to basic training in Great Lakes, Illinois.

We are very close, and her leaving home permanently left a huge empty spot in our lives. Coupled with the uncertainty of her well being (very minimal communication is allowed during basic training), I went into a 7 week depression that seemed to get worse every day.

A friend introduced us to F&Q, and within 3 days of taking it the depression was ended and I felt like my old self again.

In fact, I felt better than I have for 20 years. We owned a retail business, which was very demanding and stressful, until we finally burned out completely, and sold it last year. If we had only had F&Q then!

My husband has always fought mood swings, depression and hypoglycemia as long as I’ve known him, now 27+ years.

He began taking F&Q at the same time I did and is now much calmer, slower to anger, and is entirely free of depression.

We would not be without F&Q now, and we thank you so much for having the drive and foresight to get this into the hands of needy people!”

—Gloria H., Raleigh, NC

Case Study 6

“Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression Is What My 25 Year Old Daughter Is Recovering From With An Abusive Marriage And Has Been On Lithium, Haldol, And Prozac”

“Bipolar disorder or manic depression is why she began taking F&Q, and now the bipolar disorder or manic depression prescription medication has been rolled back weekly on her dosages for the past 8 weeks, and she is entirely off of the Haldol and on very low dosages of the other drugs.

Understand that my 25-year-old daughter has been recovering from a bipolar disorder or manic depression with an abusive marriage and has been on Lithium, Haldol, and then, Prozac for some time now.

Now she has recovered almost entirely from her bipolar mental stability and is now able to return to school to earn a degree in electronics.

She had to spend several months in a mental institution last year and has been slowly recovering until we put her on 3 capsules of F&Q daily. Once she began F&Q it was approximately 2 ½ weeks before we could see definite changes in her bipolar and manic mental state and just her emotional health in general.

The changes in her have been very dramatic in that she has gone from being completely dependent upon us for everything to gradually becoming totally independent and able to return to school. She’s been able to take up a more normal lifestyle without the emotional traumas that beset her daily for the past year.

The progress after beginning F&Q was very rapid and consistent. Her emotional state and mental stability have only become better and more normal in the past 8 weeks. We appreciate what it has done for her and for her relationships with the other members of the family. Remarkable!”

—Abby C., Norris, SD

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