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Case Study 1

“Stress Is What My Doctor Said I Must Deal With And My Overweight (about 40 lbs.), Elevated High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol – The Stress Was Driving The High Fat, Fast Food Eating Habits And Difficulty Sleeping Or Insomnia”

“Several months ago my wife, Liz, began taking F&Q and mentioned how it helped her deal with stress and insomnia. She gave me some information to read and I was impressed. However, I did not give F&Q a try.

I own a small commercial real estate company and my stress and insomnia had been really effecting my business. About a month ago I had a particularly stressful week and was more tense and irritable than usual. Liz handed me two of F&Q capsules. The next morning she gave me 2 more and 2 again mid afternoon. By dinnertime I knew these were making a big difference. I had a deep pervasive sense of calm and well being. I would almost characterize it as a natural euphoria. But a euphoria with a twist. I didn’t necessarily feel high like you would on drugs or alcohol, but rather a sense of centeredness, calmness, harmony and balance in all areas of my life.

F&Q has had a beneficial effect on other areas of my life. I took sleeping pills to get a good night’s sleep, but in the morning I’d feel groggy so I’d drink coffee and eat something sweet to stimulate my body. The adrenaline rush wore off by late morning. If I didn’t have a late afternoon appointment I’d take a nap before dinner and work until midnight or later because I couldn’t get to sleep, and the next day start the whole cycle over again.

This lifestyle was taking its toll on me. While overall I seem healthy, my doctor said I must deal with my overweight (about 40 lbs.), elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol. While I was more than willing to do this, it is not as easy as it sounds. The stress from the real estate business was driving the high fat, fast food eating habits and the difficulty in sleeping. This in turn was fueling the weight problem, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When my business would become difficult, I’d stress out and hit the donuts, pies, pizza and hamburgers.

Once I was on F&Q, I not only was able to sleep better, but was able to handle the stress even though I was still in a stressful business. The loss of a prospective contract or tight negotiations just don’t seem to bother me like they used to. This has allowed me to modify my diet and eliminate the fatty foods and the su desserts. Also since I now sleep better and get up in the morning refreshed, I have eliminated the late afternoon naps.

I can give you my own analysis of why F&Q works so well on my physical and emotional stress problems. F&Q resolves these problems at the most fundamental source, where the problems originate.

My physics friend has a saying, “The greater the change at the most fundamental level of a system, the greater the effects throughout the system”.

I like the fact that F&Q is an all-natural supplement and not an artificial neurotransmitter stimulator like the mood altering drugs on the market. You will never be addicted to F&Q, and it is readily assimilated by the body and easily passes through the blood brain barrier, which no other natural supplement can do.

Next time I won’t be so skeptical when Liz approaches me with something new!”

—Vic S., Clayton, OK

Case Study 2

“Weight Now Down To 108lbs…Helped Me To Make Better Decisions About What I Am Eating And Stopped Me From Having Those Snack Cravings…I Now Have The Mind Set To Go To The Gym – In Fact I Am Starting Today”

“Wanted to let you know that I have been taking this weight loss F&Q for 3 weeks now and I have had no negative side effects so far.

Also, for the first time in my life my fingernails are growing faster and are hard. My nails usually grow slowly and are so soft that they peel and tear right off.

I also usually have Charlie-horses in my legs which I have not had since I have been on F&Q. Finally, I have to say I do see a difference in my personality. I feel more alert, less tired, more on the happy end of a lot of negative, stressful stuff that is going on in my life right now. I have only been taking F&Q for 3 weeks so I don’t even know if that is possible.

I have to be honest with you, I really did not expect to see any change and especially with all the stress that I am going through right now.

I began taking 2 in the morning on an empty stomach, but would forget the 3rd capsule at night. So I tried taking all 3 pills in the morning, and none at night. That seems to be working for me.

Oh, and one more thing, I had missed one dose of F&Q one day this week and was having an off day, then I remembered that I did not take these capsules that morning so I took them right away and by that early evening I felt more on track.

I wish I had more for my children. My son has a little focus problem and they would be great for him. A lot of children have focus problems and they are diagnosed as having anything from ADD to ADHD, and the new one is “Sensory Processing Disorder” which is a complex brain syndrome defining your child as “out of sync”.

These children with all of these disorders are given medications that have not even been tested for future health risks. I would not want to give my child any of that stuff. God knows these kids need something besides drugs to help them, drugs are not the answer.

I also noticed that after I take F&Q in the morning, 5:30am, I can go until lunch time without being hungry. I drink a glass of V8 around 2 hours after I take F&Q and I eat lunch. Usually a salad with vegetables, fruit, nuts and a little strawberry vinaigrette 5 hours later. Then I can go until dinner time without snacking, which is around 6:30 – 6:45pm.

It’s also helped my weight. I am not heavy, in fact I am only 5 foot 5 inches tall, but one month ago I weighed 122lbs and that is the heaviest I have ever weighed. I felt heavy and uncomfortable because most of my life I weighed 103 to 106. I am now down to 108lbs., and I really think F&Q helped me to make better decisions about what I am eating and stopped me from having those snack cravings. I feel so better when I am at the 103 range. I now have the mind set to go to the gym – in fact I am starting today.

Before now I was sure I was headed for a breakdown, but now I think and feel like I can handle the stuff that I have coming my way which is going to be very stressful.

So thank you for my success, I feel better, look better, and have a clearer, more focused, and happier outlook on my life which I have never had before.”

—Gale, L., Plaistow, NH

Case Study 3

“Obesity, PMS & Anxiety – Suffered From Being Embarrassingly Overweight With Severe PMS Symptoms And Overwhelming Stress For Over 11 Years”

“Obesity is such an ugly word, but four months ago a friend introduced me to F&Q for obesity and currently I have lost approximately 20 pounds (without crash diets) and the only explanation I have is that my brain must have needed these amino acids. I don’t know of any other answer as I’ve tried just about everything.

Included is that I don’t feel the overwhelming PMS symptoms I’ve suffered with severely all of my life. I had been told it helped with weight loss and obesity, but I never expected this. I know most women suffer from this – but my symptoms would actually keep me in bed for days each month, they were that bad.

During this time I would suffer from anxiety attacks where I was a constant mess. I don’t know if this is a fluke or not, but I haven’t felt those either.

But the biggest benefit has been my friends and family members noticing the changes in me and our relationship growing as I’m definitely a nicer person right now than before.

This may sound like the “typical” testimonial, but when you’ve suffered from being embarrassingly overweight with severe PMS symptoms and overwhelming stress for over 11 years and finally find something that really helps me… I’m very touched.

Thank you again for sharing this with me.”

—Kelley B., Ness City, KS

Case Study 4

“Depression, Insomnia, The Sleepless Nights Left Me Drained… But I Have Four Children, Ages Twenty Down to Six, And I Needed to Be There For My Family, So I Just Struggled Through The Days”

“Depression and insomnia is what I felt this past March when I lost a baby, and as you can imagine the depression and insomnia was very devastating for me. It didn’t help that I was nearing age 40 and going through all the body changes that come with that time of life.

On top of all that, my family and I moved to Alaska, and all of this left me feeling down with depression and the insomnia where I was not able to sleep well at night. I could go to sleep, but I just couldn’t relax enough to stay asleep for very long.

The sleepless nights left me drained. But I have four children, ages twenty down to six, and I needed to be there for my family, so I just struggled through the days.

Six months later I was still in a real slump when my friend told me about F&Q. I’m not into taking a lot of supplements and medication—I practically have to be dying before I’ll take an aspirin—but I agreed to try F&Q.

Within a week I was starting to sleep better. Finally I felt like my brain could actually relax enough to sleep all night without waking.

I know F&Q works because at one point I decided to give my body a break and go off of it for a while. After three days I went right back to not sleeping. Just like before, my mind wouldn’t calm down and go to sleep. I also noticed that I was really emotional over those few days.

It didn’t take me long to realize that F&Q definitely helps me and that I needed to go back on the supplement and stay on it.”

—Rhonda F., Anchorage, AK

Case Study 5

“Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Depression, My Fathers Been Dealing With all These And Other Mental Ailments For Many Years — Even Being Hospitalized”

“My father has been dealing with depression, other mental ailments, and a sleep disorder for many years, even being hospitalized at times.

After he got out of the hospital the last time, he tried F&Q with WONDERFUL RESULTS for his insomnia or sleep disorders! He reported sleeping better than he has in years. When he was in the hospital, having ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) treatments, he did not even look or sound like himself. At times, he was not able to remember names of close family members.

After 3 weeks of using F&Q, his psychiatrist decreased one of his medications for depression. The psychiatrist said to keep using F&Q. (In all, my father is on 11 medications for several symptoms).

When I saw him after using F&Q for 10 weeks, his eyes were bright and he was laughing and joking. Also, at this time he was able to renew his CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). My father had been a city bus driver in a large city, which is a very stressful job. He could not pass the test for his license on earlier attempts because he could not concentrate enough to read the manual. He attributes his success in passing his test to using F&Q.

Thank you for such a wonderful product that helps so many people!”

—Lisa S., Carson, ND

Case Study 6

Its All In Your Head audio presentation clip of weight loss Case Study Yolanda J from New York, New York. Audio Length: 2:11


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