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Case Study 1

“ADD, ADHD, We Have Clinical Data On Two Teenage Boys Suffering From ADD And ADHD… I Also Have Patients Who Have Experienced Depression And Manic Depression”

“ADD and ADHD in my practice is what we have had some great results with using F&Q and also to help people with depression and other attention deficit disorders.

We have clinical data on two teenage boys suffering from ADD and ADHD. They were having major concentration problems and doing poorly in school. The 14-year-old was nicknamed “Little Drummer Body” because he’d sit at his desk and his hands would go 90 miles an hour all the time. He just couldn’t sit still. With F&Q, he is now able to concentrate and can sit through class all day. He has gone from failing to above-average grades.

The 16-year-old has experienced the same type of results. He is now an A and B student as a result of F&Q.

I also have patients who have experienced depression and manic depression. Taking F&Q completely alleviated the symptoms from the depression. The patients don’t have to worry about being in control one day and then being totally opposite the next day.

People respond very quickly to F&Q. Most people can tell a difference after just two or three days. And we’ve never had a patient have an adverse effect or a situation where it didn’t help at all.

People are under a lot stress in this country, and this stress creates an imbalance in our brain chemistry and hormone structure. Our metabolic process is totally changed, and the increased toxin levels can become disastrous. In fact, stress is a major factor in just about all disease.

Because of stress and other lifestyle factors, we’re finding that more and more people are deficient in certain free-form amino acids and functioning poorly as a result. We’re also finding that some of the emotional problems children and teenagers experience are a result of imbalances in their hormone structure due to a deficiency of essential amino acids and neuro-nutrients.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins. They link and combine with other specific proteins to form protein chains, and that’s basically what hormones are—types of proteins. (In fact, our brain is made up of protein.)

Without the proper amino acids, our hormones cannot help our bodies function normally. This results in a metabolic imbalance that our bodies simply cannot handle.

This imbalance then creates all kinds of stress our bodies can’t deal with, and it manifests itself as emotional and physical problems.

But if you give your brain the proper tools to work with, as far as the chemistry is concerned, then other factors will normalize and positively affect your overall health and emotional well-being.

F&Q can help us balance out the dangerous chemical problems that stress creates. It also has a calming effect on the nerves. It enables your brain to function more clearly and increases clarity of thought.

And because of soil depletion, chemical pesticide use, and other changes in the way our modern food is grown, there really is no other way to get enough of these vital amino acids than taking a supplement.

The reason F&Q works so well to balance our bodies is that DL-phenylalanine works with the pituitary gland to normalize your hormone structure.

Now most people don’t think of hormones when they think of depression, ADD, sleep disorders, and things like that, but these types of problems result from an imbalance caused by an amino acid deficiency.

By supplying the missing amino acids, F&Q balances out those levels and enables the master hormones in your body to work effectively. These hormones then, in turn, control the messages that are sent to certain areas of the brain.

When these messages are able to get to the areas of the brain that they need to, your emotional well-being is improved.

In short, F&Q containing DL-phenylalanine and other key neuro-nutrients has been the most phenomenal supplement I’ve ever worked with for these types of problems.”

—Dr. Michael Wherbal, Los Angeles, CA

Case Study 2

“Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, ADD, OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Behaviors Is What Our 11 Year Old Was Diagnosed With And Was 3 Years Behind His Classmates”

“Asperger’s Syndrome at only 11 years-old was what our son was diagnosed with ( Asperger’s Syndrome is a high functioning Autism ) in September, at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. He was also diagnosed by the school’s psychologist as having ADD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Behaviors. His social skills with his peers were very poor because he couldn’t communicate his feelings, and he was often aggressive. His vocabulary was unimaginative and three years behind that of his classmates.

As the situation worsened, we had to put Ryan on a Asperger’s Syndrome ( Autism ) prescribed drug that upset us greatly. Then we learned about F&Q available in the United States. I learned that this scientifically tested formula with successful results on patients suffering from a variety of symptoms which were all helped by serotonin and dopamine in the brain. The drug that Ryan was on did the same thing, but F&Q does it naturally. It provides the brain with nutrients that pass through the blood-brain barrier as required to produce neurotransmitters, making brain chemical balance possible. We also sought the advice of our pharmacist, and then decided to try it.

During the first four months, our son’s vocabulary, concentration and reasoning skills improved greatly, as did his ability to interact with his peers. His emotional swings, level of aggressiveness and impatience were reduced significantly. We encouraged and reinforced these positive changes with a behavior modification program and diet.

Now, two years later, our son continues to be a happy, affectionate child. He is catching up to his peers academically. There have been no negative side-effects in taking F&Q.

We have kept in touch with other people taking F&Q who are also seeing positive results. There is no doubt in our minds that we made the wisest choice for our child.”

—Kim S., Spencer, WV

Case Study 3

“Autism Sounds Were Coming Out Of Her Mouth, Very Unintelligible And Mostly One Syllable Approximated-Words… What Is Wrong? I Went Everywhere For Help, Brain Scans, X-rays, Blood Work… No Answers”

Autism – it was the worst news I could have gotten — autism, not only of speech but autism throughout her body. After spending 9 months of pregnancy being so very careful to do all the right things, and then following the autism doctor’s orders specifically for the first 16 months of her life, how could something go wrong? What did I do to my autistic child? Why did this happen to her? What am I going to do now?

Every day is a autism struggle, to communicate, to behave, to eat, and in our case to have a bowel movement. From the time my precious little girl was 4 months old and fed exclusively breast milk, she was constipated. Intermittently she would break out in horrible rashes that no one could identify. And then the inevitable, she missed the speech milestone – she had only 5 words at 12 months, and then lost them by the time she was 15 months old.

But not only did she need speech, but also physical and occupational therapy. So, for 2 years we had intensive therapy and even located a developmental pediatrician. My Shelly continued to be constipated and non verbal. Some sounds were coming out of her mouth, very unintelligible and mostly one syllable approximated-words. What is wrong? I went everywhere for help, every specialist recommended by a previous specialist. Brain scans, x-rays, blood work… no answers. We also consulted psychologists. By this time Shelly was 3 and the overwhelming diagnosis had become autism. I had to come to terms with it. It was like she died… a developmental, neurological problem in spite of my discipline, sacrifice, and persistence.

Sometime during Shelly’s three-year old stage, I met a lady at autism therapy who told me about F&Q and how she was using it successfully and had been everywhere else, like me.

Just a little while after meeting this lady, and Shelly on F&Q, my daughter began to break out of her shyness and speak to me and others. She began to overcome her autism physical weaknesses and could draw wonderfully descriptive pictures. She could maneuver her body on any piece of playground equipment, without a visual cue. She could write her name, the alphabet.

Those mysterious rashes, disappeared; speech exploded. Not only speech, incredible reasoning, complex sentence structure with proper tense usage, singing, sequencing, word retrieval, just amazing things.

She began to gain weight, and lose the redness in her face and ears. The occasional shakiness went away. We were so thrilled we couldn’t believe it. As the days turn into weeks, Shelly is becoming more and more like the kids in the regular kindergarten class, with the only exception being the articulation of her speech.

The worst of my life turned into the biggest blessing that God has ever given me; a little girl who is blossoming and enjoying her life to the fullest. She is growing neurologically and physically with her autism, she is happier everyday because with every day comes new things.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

—Terra B., Jackson, MS

Case Study 4

“ADHD / ODD Psychiatrist Told Us He Was Mentally Disturbed – Get Him On Medication – Try Ritalin”

“ADHD / ODD – I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I thank God for F&Q for ADHD / ODD every night when I go to bed with a special prayer.

One year ago, in September, my 7 year old son Cameron began having difficulty in the first grade with ADHD / ODD. My mother had passed away on the first day of school after talking to my son about not being able to see him everyday because he had school and a new babysitter. The next morning I had to wake my son up and tell him that his Nana had died during the night.

When he went back to school the following Monday, I received a telephone call to please come pick him up…. that he was yelling, hitting, screaming, spitting, etc. I did. The next 5 weeks were a continuous battle with the school not willing to help deal with the situation….

I was told to take him to a psychiatrist, that he was mentally disturbed… get him on medication… try Ritalin. We took him to a psychiatrist. I wastold he had Asperger’s syndrome…

I didn’t agree.

We got a second opinion. This was diagnosed as ADHD / ODD…

OK what do I do? Answer from the Doctor was let’s try him on Ritalin. I was against this… Told the Doctor NO. Was told not to bring my son back if I wasn’t willing to follow her advice. I said fine.

At this point it was October; my son had been kicked out of school for hitting the classroom aide. I decided to get on the internet and find out anything that I could about ADHD / ODD and what treatments were available.

I found your information about ADHD. I printed out the information and took it to my son’s pediatrician (holistic). She read through the info and did some of her own research. She then told me to give this a try. What could it hurt?

That was one year ago this past December that I started my son on F&Q with the ingredients suggested… I am so glad that I did!

I started my son on F&Q the very beginning of January. Two weeks later… WOW what a difference. He wasn’t hitting, spitting, or yelling at me. We were able to enroll him in a school that specializes in behavior management with the goal of main streaming him back into regular classes when he is ready. The teachers have noticed the difference in him. He cooperates with them.

When Cameron started at the special school he couldn’t hold a pencil or write his name. He couldn’t focus long enough to read a word from a book. He was totally frustrated with himself and had absolutely no confidence in his abilities. He was not completing his work in school or listening to the teachers…. he would bring home his daily sticker chart covered with notes with 2 or 3 stickers on it (the goal is 10 stickers no notes).

Now, one year later, he is reading at the first grade level. He holds a pencil wonderfully. He writes his name within the spaces provided on the lines. You can read what he writes! He colors within the lines. He listens to the teachers. His daily sticker chart is covered with STICKERS (the max of 10). He sits down at the table after school and does his homework. BY HIMSELF!

I have been given back the wonderful, happy little boy that he was before sorrow entered his life. He no longer yells at people. He doesn’t hit anymore. When I tell him it’s time for his bath… he says OK Mom and goes and takes his bath. He sleeps all night and gets up in the morning without a fuss, and gets ready for school without being told that he has to.

I am sorry this letter is so long. But it has been quite a year for us and I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I just wanted to share my happiness with you and say THANK YOU from the bot of my heart. Please keep up the good work!”


—Denise E., Van Wert, OH

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