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Case Study 1

“ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder With His Rages So Intense He Would Exhaust Himself And Sleep For Hours With Depression From The Ritalin – Ended Up At Adobe Mountain Ranch for One Year”

“My 22 year old son has suffered since the age of six when he was diagnosed with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and emotional and social problems.

When he started school his first grade teacher felt he had ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and suggested I have him seen by our pediatrician. The doctor prescribed Ritalin for him. He was on this medication for six months with no change. I removed him from this drug and his behavior was the same.

At age 10, Robert repeatedly got into trouble at school, and at one point I was asked to remove him and for him not to return. Their statements for the future of this child were that he would be in jail by the time he was a teenager. He underwent sessions with a family counselor provided through our family physician. I was at that time separated from his Dad, and they felt his problems were related to the separation. These sessions continued for two years until my insurance ran out.

Robert was repeatedly in trouble from age 14 – 16. He had a very low self-esteem and was very quiet and withdrawn. Nothing seemed to help, or keep him out of trouble. He finally ended up at the Adobe Mountain Ranch for a period of one year. As a parent I knew that there was something more like a chemical imbalance that was causing Robert to act this way. He would go along for awhile and then like a volcano explode, and we didn’t understand why. His rages were so intense he would exhaust himself and then sleep for hours after they occurred. I asked judges, counselors, probation officers, and members of the staff at Adobe to please have him checked for a chemical imbalance, because when he is “normal” he’s a great kid. My son has suffered severely with these problems from childhood to manhood, and always felt he was a “bad” person who would always be this way.

He presently attends violence classes as part of his probation, and he already has a certificate from the first session that says he successfully completed this course.

From the first dose of F&Q there was an immediate change in my son. Although he suffered from a headache in the beginning, after 24 hours for the first time I saw a smile on his face. As his mother, there are no words to describe how that made me feel. He said that he felt he was relaxed, thinking clearer, and just had an overall good feeling.

Robert has been on F&Q for 30 days and is a totally different person. His employer, wife and a very close friend noticed a difference immediately. I truly believe if my son had had the opportunity to take this years ago, it would have saved him many years of depression, and perhaps he would have graduated from High School instead of earning a GED incarcerated in ADOBE.

—Linda S., Cape Coral, FL

Case Study 2

“ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medication Adderall For 3 Years And He Couldn’t Grow Or Gain Any Weight – He Was Stuck At Only 50 Pounds”

“ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is why I had my son Joseph on your regimen of F&Q for approx one month now, and his ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder results have made us really overjoyed.

We are still having a few “bumpy” moments occasionally, but nothing like he was before. Joseph is 10 yrs old and was diagnosed with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at the age of 7 yrs. He was placed on Ritalin, but had violent reaction to the medication and had to be taken off immediately. I was so frightened by the effect the medicine had on him that I was afraid to give him the new ADHD medicine the pediatrician ordered. I held out and resisted as long as I could but his teachers were making major complaints about his behavior at school, so I finally caved in and placed him on Adderall.

His behavior in school improved and his teachers were happy, but Joe was very unhappy and said the medicine was making him sick. He was on the medication for 3 yrs and in all that time he did not grow nor did he gain any weight. He has weighed only 50 pounds now for 3 years!

He was so depressed because even the girls in his class were bigger then him that he started not wanting to go to school and claiming to be sick all the time.

Finally he came to me the week before his 10th birthday and asked if for his birthday present he could be taken off the medication. He cried his heart out and told me how miserable he was and that he felt the medication was making him unhealthy. His statement to me of “What’s more important… my health or me being quiet in school” was all I needed to make me realize that my child was suffering more then I ever realized, and I stopped the medication that day.

I went to school and spoke to his teacher and explained what and why I was doing this and asked for her help in giving Joseph a little bit of time to get him under control. She agreed and offered to do whatever she could to help!

I than got on the internet and started to search for some help for Joe and his problem. I finally found the answer to my prayers. I finally have my son back! He is again the happy loving little boy he was before I started drugging him…

We went to the doctor today for a check up and in 1 month Joe has grown 2″ and gained 12 pounds! When the nurse told Joe his weight was 62 pounds he got so excited he started to cry from being overwhelmed with joy. I started to cry because I felt like I had let my son down by not doing something for him sooner.

I know this is a very long letter but I just had to tell someone how happy and grateful I am for giving me back my son! We watch Joe’s diet and make sure he only drinks bottled water, and limit his sugar intake. But the real miracle is F&Q! It is finally providing him with the nutrients he needs to keep him healthy in body and soul.

Thank you, thank you… keep up the good work…”

—Audrey & Joseph S., Athens, OH

Case Study 3

“ADD Attention Deficit Disorder Doctor Said He Would Never Advance Beyond 8 Year Old Mentality And Recommended We Have Him Institutionalized And Forget About Him”

“Our son’s story is a long one… 31 years long! Before we even knew Dave suffered from ADD and attention deficit disorder, Dave was actually classified as retarded at birth, and Social Services planned to place him directly into an institution for the retarded where several of his uncles and aunts had resided for many years. By signing an agreement with Social Services that we wouldn’t take him back to them under any circumstances, we were able to adopt him when he was only 4 days old!

At pre-kindergarten ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder testing at age 4 they said that he was severely retarded and would never advance beyond the mentality of an 8 year old. The doctor recommended that we have him institutionalized and forget about him!

At that age, he already knew how to read — had learned by listening to Sesame Street and The Electric Company. Notice I said “listening” because he wouldn’t be still long enough to actually focus on anything long enough to “watch” it. I’d given up trying to read to him because he just didn’t seem to be “there”, nor would he sit still through even one page!

One day soon after he had turned 4, he walked into the kitchen and said, “Hey Mom! I know my alphabet!” I was trained as an Early Childhood teacher so of course KNEW that he didn’t! He then proceeded all the way through the alphabet without any hesitation. I’d never even tried to teach it to him because I really thought it was a lost cause.

Needless to say I was dumbfounded. From that point on, he started spelling and then reading every sign that we passed while traveling in the car. By the time he was 5, he could read almost anything. It was obvious this child had problems, but I certainly knew he wasn’t retarded.

However, the doctors who tested him for kindergarten either didn’t believe me or didn’t want to hear it because the reply I got was, “Well, knowing how to read is NOT one of the prerequisites for Kindergarten entrance!” (But having the dexterity to cut out paper dolls with a pair of scissors was!)

At that time no one ever heard of attention deficit disorder.

At my insistence, they did enroll him in kindergarten, and of course he did very poorly and his teacher could hardly stand having him in the class because he couldn’t do any of the projects that children his age should have been able to do, nor would he stay in his seat.

She was going to insist that he repeat Kindergarten, but I talked to and worked with the first grade teacher and she agreed to take him. After the first couple of days she called me and said she was amazed at how smart he was, and that he could already read well above 2nd grade level. She said she had written the children’s names — in long hand — on each of their lunch bags and placed them on her desk. At break time — the first day — David had taken it upon himself to go up to her desk and he then proceeded to deliver each bag to the right person. Not only had he learned everyone’s name, but he was reading in long hand, not in print, each of the names and had delivered them all to their proper recipient. I have no idea when or how he learned to read long hand!

The guidance department had RETARDED written all over his records. About this time I went to see them and they agreed that he was not retarded so completely removed that label. I was so thankful. It would have been tagged on him for life.

His diagnosis went from Retarded to Brain Damaged to Brain Dysfunction, to Disability. I don’t think they came up with ADD until he was in high school. He was the first child in our elementary school district to have had that problem, so no one knew what to do with him. He was able to attend normal classes, but in later years when they had Special Ed teachers, he usually went to the Special Ed teacher one class of the day to get help on projects that he couldn’t do alone. (Like Term Papers, math problems, or anything requiring Organizational Skills. He had none!)

He ended up repeating only one year, and that wasn’t until 10th grade. However, it was because of some family problems that upset him at that time (the death of my Dad), and a move we had to make to another part of the country that caused him to have to repeat 10th grade. He had never been one to take any kind of change in his stride!

When he graduated from High School he was on Cloud Nine! He actually did very well in Reading, Spelling, History, Current Events, English, Languages, and anything involving memory, but had a terrible time with organizational skills, and math that he had to do on paper. Actually he can do math in his head quicker than I can do it on a calculator.

He certainly isn’t a genius, but he does have an IQ of about 120 or so — when he takes a test on the computer. He never did get over 70 on any that he had taken at school where he had to fill out blanks on paper.

After high school he attended the local community college for a couple of years, but eventually dropped out because he could not function in a class situation without some individual attention. After that he could not get a job at anything that wasn’t minimal food service type jobs.

He always presented a very bad image at a job interview because of sometimes bazaar hand and eye movements and difficulty getting out what he wanted to say when he was under stress. He’s also been very frustrated with peer relationships and had few friends. Kids in school called him “Retard” and always made fun of him.

Last year I joined a Natural Healing list on the computer and heard about St. John’s Wort and Kava Kava. I ordered some for Dave (He still lives with us). They helped him considerably in his ability to stay focused.

He quit his job at food service in a cafe and applied at Walmart where he was hired as a cashier. We never dreamed that they would hire him, nor that he could manage the stress, making change, dealing with people, but in the first month he got the Cuser Service Award.

Last fall, Tom O’Brien, who had told me about the two herbal products, started promoting a supplement with amino acids and other nutrients to “feed the brain”.

Tom convinced me that it would help Dave, and even though I did not think that the list of ingredients was very impressive, I decided to at least give it a try.

For a while, Dave refused to give up the St. John’s Wort and St. John’s Wort so continued taking them along with F&Q.

After a few weeks Dave commented that for the first time in his life, he was able to hang onto a thought and think it through. He’s never been able to do logical thinking and for the first time in his life, he’s beginning to see things in a logical sequence.

He has since stopped taking the St. John’s Wort and Kava Kava, but does continue with some vitamin supplements along with F&Q.

His diet has always been atrocious — and still is. At least he will willingly take the supplements now. At one time I could not get him to take anything like that. When he was younger I tried to keep him on the diet that eliminates chemical additives, artificial ingredients, white sugar, white flour, etc., but it was impossible.

He’s much more willing now to take things that I suggest since he has noticed such an improvement in his thinking ability, in his life style, and in the quality of employment he can obtain.

I also encourage him to take some of the green foods in capsule form — Blue Green Algae, barley greens, spiralina, etc., as these are very highly concentrated in amino acids, minerals and vitamins in a natural form. He hardly ever eats any fresh fruits or vegetables and he also continues to smoke. The only nutrition he gets is in capsule form, unfortunately.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, a few weeks after Dave started taking F&Q, he was promoted to Cuser Service Manager on his shift at Walmart. He absolutely loves his job and is now thinking about going back to college to major in marketing. He hasn’t reached that point yet, however. He’s so afraid of failing again. He definitely has a problem with self-esteem.

Obviously, his verbal communication skills have increased tremendously or he would not be able to deal with cusers who come in with problems and complaints. He also is enjoying a harmonious relationship with his co-workers and his peers that he has seldom experienced before.

He still has lapses when he doesn’t take the supplement, and when he does he gets very unreasonable and ugly. At least when he gets that way now, he will go take his supplements instead of sping off in a fury and slamming the door. He generally is able to calm down and returns to being civil in a few minutes.

I didn’t mean to overwhelm you with this story about my son, but I don’t think it’s possible to realize the amazing change that has taken place in his life — in our lives — unless you know where we’ve been and where we’re coming from.

Living with ADD may not be the cruelest punishment on earth, but in my estimation, it comes very close to it.

My best regards to you and your son and may you find the solutions that will help him.”

—Suzanne W., Orlando, FL

Case Study 4

“ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder – It’s Bad Enough That Kids Get Exposed To Drug Abuse At School, I’m Not About To Deliberately Give Him a Harmful Drug at Home, Even If It Comes By Prescription”

“By listening to my 16-year old son Jeff describe his experiences in school; I realized he has ADD or attention deficit disorder. He would say things like, “Dad, somebody can drop a pencil in the back of the room and I lose all concentration.” He tried really hard in school and I knew he had the ability, but the grades just weren’t there.

I recognized the ADD, attention deficit disorder problem because he sounded just like me at that age. I knew he needed something, but I’ve heard too many adverse things about the typical prescription medication for ADD, so I didn’t want to put him on it.

It’s bad enough that kids get exposed to drugs at school, I’m not about to deliberately give him a harmful drug at home, even if it comes by prescription.

I’m involved with the natural health industry, so when I heard about F&Q containing DL phenylalanine, this super brain food struck a chord with me because it’s the only product I’ve ever known to deal with the brain. I did some research on it and when I felt confident that it was what Jeff needed, I flew to another state to pick it up because it wasn’t even available out here yet.

It’s always been hard to get my son to take health products, but I noticed after about a month that he was reminding us about it. He’d say, “Where is it? I’ve got to take it before breakfast.” For the first time ever, he was taking the initiative.

The first quarter after he started taking F&Q his grades went up 1.6 points, and every one of his teachers wrote something on the bot of this progress report about his improvement.

On teacher wrote, “Jeff is an asset to this class.” It was a total turnaround. Jeff told me, “Dad, that’s the first progress report I haven’t had to worry about since I’ve been in school.” I know what he’s gone through, so that meant a lot to me.

We noticed changes at home, too. His attitude was much better. There was a new sense of calmness about him. He wasn’t as nervous and hyped up as he used to be. Sixteen is a tough age no matter what, but it was like he grew up quite a bit in the short time he’d been on F&Q.

I would tell any parent who’s dealing with the same types of problems to try F&Q for 90 days. Give it a chance.

But you’ve got to make sure that they’re actually taking the supplement because if they don’t take it, it can’t work. I can tell if my son hasn’t taken it for one day. In fact, F&Q is safe enough for him to take for the rest of his life.

If you recognize the symptoms of ADD in your child, F&Q can help.

Our kids are the greatest resource we have. And when they’re in school, it’s so important to help them in any way we can, because however we can help them now will carry on through the rest of their lives.”

—Steve W., Kellogg, ID

Case Study 5

“ADHD & Ritalin, then Adderall And He Was Up, Then Down, His Moods Were Terrible – He Kept Saying The Doctors Were Ruining His Life”

“ADHD and even as I sit here today, I realize how lucky we are to have found F&Q. Where would our ADHD loved ones be without our wonderful supplements which are helping so many of our kids.

Just over a year ago, Jesse was going through ADHD with such turmoil inside him. Ritalin and then Adderall for his ADHD, and life to him seemed so unfair. All he wanted and kept saying was he wanted to be NORMAL and that the doctors were ruining his life.

He was up… then he was down. His moods were terrible. He could not sleep, and he did not eat much. Jesse was 14 and 86-89 pounds. He was very mouthy…. we could not say or do a thing right. His marks in school were terrible, he was flunking everything, and even with a tutor he was still not passing, and it certainly was not the tutor’s fault as she was doing everything she should and then some.

I was very frustrated, at wit’s end, had no idea what to do to help him. But I knew the drugs were not working for him. I knew there had to be something better…. but what… where. I had no idea and no idea how to find what ever would help him. I knew nothing about computers at the time, but decided I was going to get on and find something to help Jesse. I did not want him to fall between the cracks of life, and that is right where he was headed. I found Carol, and that was the beginning of our prayers being answered.

Today at age 15 Jesse is 5’9″, and weighs 124. Oh wow, he has gained since I last weighed him, and he looks so healthy and he is much happier. He now feels normal and not under any doctor’s care, and he is thrilled about that, I might add.

As for school, well for the first time it looks like he may make the merit roll. His marks are right up there, his teacher said. We will know for sure the beginning of April when Report cards come out… if he doesn’t make it, he will be very close. This is one miracle for Jesse. And I know if I had not found F&Q and Carol, Jesse would not be where he is today and our home would still be in turmoil, and I would still be worried sick about him.”

—Diana J., WV

Case Study 6

“There Was Times When I Really Feared He Would Hurt One Of His Sisters Badly With His ADHD Temper”

“ADHD son Roger has been on F&Q, along with B15 for just a short time now. We have been so happy with Roger’s progress with his ADHD. He came home the other day, and he had his school marks, not report card, but a 5 week progress report giving his marks. He is passing everything, and for the first time my son is heading for the Merit Roll. He has never made the Merit Roll or Honor Roll in all his school years.

In fact, he’s never even mentioned college before, and now he is actually talking about attending college now even with his ADHD. In the past when I mentioned it, he would say, “Mom I can’t do that kind of work.” And now he is talking about going to college. Needless to say the teachers have seen a big change in Roger as well and are very pleased with his progress.

Biggest benefit though is that there hasn’t been any outbursts of his ADHD temper which has always really damaged our family. He has been on an even keel, which makes me even more thankful for the blessing of F&Q. Before, there was times when I really feared he would hurt one of his sisters badly eventually.

But it wasn’t easy as my husband has been completely against our son taking anything. I went ahead and put him on F&Q… and the other night asked my husband, “have you noticed a change in Rogers ADHD?” He agreed that he has. :-) I then went and got the supplement and said, “This is why” and showed him the supplement.

If that isn’t funny enough, tonight I wanted to call to see if the new order was in… and my husband told my daughter to get off the phone so I could call about F&Q… Now that is progress!

I’m going to call my insurance company to see if they will cover F&Q. I’ve talked to Roger’s doctor now and he told me to bring F&Q in so he could read what is in it and hopefully he will write a prescription for us so that the insurance will cover it. Either way, we can’t be without it!

Here my son has struggled all the way through school, now in the 11th grade and is doing better than he ever has and all because of F&Q!

It is such a wonderful feeling to finally find the answer for my son, and can you imagine, he is now talking about college… I just can hardly believe it!”

—Sheila G., Billings, MT

Case Study 7

“Diagnosed With ADHD As An Adult And Have Experienced The Resultant Depression And Mood Swings From The Anti-Depressant”

Mood swings have also been an ongoing problem. My doctors had tried me on so many types of antidepressants, but they always had some kind of negative side effect. I’d rather take an all-natural anti-depressant.

I have an extremely stressful job. After starting F&Q I began handling the stress much better. I’ve been able to wean myself off of the anti-depressant I was on, and I have more stamina throughout the day.

My boss even commented on the fact that it seems like I’m doing better now, that I don’t seem as frustrated about things. I feel more peaceful and balanced.

F&Q has worked better for me than prescription medication.”

—Shannon B., Middletown, CT

Case Study 8

“ADD, ADHD, Depression, PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attachment Disorder — And Both Boys Experienced Sexual Abuse”

“I really would love to see some good come out of our ADHD and experiences. Everything happens for a reason and I hope my story can help you. So you may or may not know what it’s like to have a thin child with no appetite. :-( I felt so helpless and frustrated!

My ADD and ADHD sons are Jonathan who is 9 years old and David who is 11. I am absolutely amazed by what I’m seeing happen in my little boys lives since they’ve started F&Q.

Understand, we adopted our sons when they were ages 4 and 6. Jonathan deals with ADHD… also depression and attachment disorder (it’s taken 5 years but I think we’ve pretty much conquered the attachment disorder). I’m sure that he also reacts to food processing, chemicals and things like that. He was also a crack baby.

David has ADD and deals with depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Both boys experienced sexual abuse. David experienced more physical abuse than Jonathan did.

I’m sure those neurotransmitters function differently because of the things they went through. But F&Q is really thenatural approach they’ve needed to finally start balancing and regulating their emotions.

Feel free to use the letter in any way that will help. I don’t want other people to go through what we’ve gone through anymore.

This mother finally tried F&Q and is GLAD she did!

Thanks again!

—Reina M., Fort Wayne, IN

PS. Its such a wonderful feeling to watch them eat after they’ve had no appetite! LOL And it makes me smile to see that they have a tummy and no ribs poking out!”

Case Study 9

“ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Effects My 5 lb. Chihuahua Dog”

“ADHD on my dog? This might sound strange to you.. but this even worked on my 5 lb. ADHD Chihuahua. Now that she is on F&Q, she is a dream dog.

Quiet, listens to my commands, doesn’t bark too much (even though she suffers from ADHD seriously). I take her in my purse! Everywhere I go… resorts, restaurants, you name it. She loves being with me and does not even make a peep.

She is such a good girl that everyone comments about her. I open up one capsule and tap one-third of it on her tongue daily. It’s another miracle for F&Q and us pet lovers!”

—Judith H., Phoenix, AZ

Case Study 10

Its All In Your Head audio presentation clip of add, adhd disorder Case Study Diana M. from Boise, ID, Audio Length: 3:10


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