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Case Study 1

“Anxiety, Depression; This Type Of Suffering Seemed To Just Filter Through My Bloodstream And Wreak Havoc With My Whole Decision-Making Process And My Ability To Focus On Anything That Needed My Attention”

“About five years ago I went through a divorce after 21 years of marriage. The divorce was very difficult for me and I had a hard time getting my life back together with the anxiety.

For the first few months I was in a constant state of anxiety shock that felt like ice water flowing through my veins. That eventually subsided, but for more than a year after that I suffered a great deal of anxiety and depression. I went through a lot of torment and it had an effect on every phase of my life.

There would be times at work when my head would just be swimming, and I had a lot of sleepless nights. This type of anxiety seemed to just filter through my bloodstream and wreak havoc with my whole decision-making process and my ability to focus on anything that needed my attention. With the divorce, it seemed my life had come to a grinding halt.

I was looking for answers—anything that could give me at least part of my life back. Sleep to me is as important as food or breathing and I knew that if I could get a decent night’s sleep, I would start feeling better.

I even called a doctor and was going to make an appointment to see if I could get some sleeping pills, when I heard about F&Q and it sounded promising.

It was my mother who told me about this supplement after being introduced to it by a mutual friend of ours. This friend had suffered from sleeping disorders for more than 10 years and when he used F&Q, he immediately started sleeping like a baby. That really made an impact on me and convinced me to try it out. I wanted to see if it could do the same for me.

Within the first week or two of trying F&Q, I began to sleep really well at night. I also noticed that the depression cleared to a large extent and the anxiety began to leave.

Every month that went by was a little better for me. I was starting to get my life back. F&Q allowed me to think and make decisions more clearly because I was getting the sleep I needed. I could focus on whatever I wanted to focus on because I wasn’t experiencing the anxiety any longer.

I told my friends F&Q helped me survive my divorce because for a while I really didn’t think I would survive it.

I’ve recommended this super brain food to a lot of people—everybody I came into contact with that needed this kind of help. I would highly recommend it for anybody who is experiencing any of the difficulties that I faced—and want to beat it!”

—Cary S., Seattle, WA

Case Study 2

“PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – I Am A Disabled Veteran With PTSD… Includes A Lot Of Other Emotions Like Rage, Lack Of Trust, Scared All The Time, Depression, Suicidal, Lack Of Sleep Due To Paranoia”

“I hope this letter finds you and yours doing well and in the best of health. As for myself and my PTSD, I’m doing a great deal better than I have been for the last 12 months. As you know, I am a disabled veteran with PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I don’t know how much you know about PTSD but it makes life in general harder to cope with. In my case, for instance, my family seems to think, “ah, he’ll get over it.”

Most of the time a person with PTSD is in their own little world. At least I feel that I am. The only people I can relate to and feel compatible with are brothers in arms (fellow vets that have or relate to PTSD). For us (me) life in the civilian world is a jungle and I don’t trust anyone! Not even my own family, for fear of inadvertent betrayal, exploitation, mockery, ridicule, etc… I’ve been married several times, numerous relationships, and so on.

My friend, life is really hard when you get out of the army! In the military there’s a code of ethics and there are standards that we go by. The old saying, “Watch my back & I’ll watch yours”… says it pretty well. In the military it doesn’t matter what color you are or where you came from, i.e. foreign, poor, rich, American Indian, white, black, brown, it doesn’t matter – we are brothers in arms”. In a sense we were “color blind”. In civilian life no one trusts anyone.

For me, being out of the army has heightened my stress, paranoia and anxiety. These three titles include a lot of other emotions like rage, lack of trust, scared all the time, depression, suicidal, lack of sleep due to paranoia, homicidal response to little things, and always on guard. I randomly wake up nightly. Each night it is a different hour of the night. My compulsion is to check out the windows and look around the house with my light and shotgun. I walk outside as quietly as possible to see if anyone’s around. Since I no longer have my dogs, I pull “guard duty.” I’m married now and have a 2 ½ year old son, which makes me more stressed in trying to protect them from harm’s way.

Son – it is hard! I have a 20-acre farm with lots of geese and birds that act as my watchdogs. Laugh if you want but it works!! I live in the woods as far away from the town as I can get. But, the people keep moving in around me and my family. I feel like I’m smothering with people! It’s a full time job trying to mind your own business with people trying to help you out! To tell them you want to be left alone just doesn’t work! So life goes on with this terrible burden of stress, anxiety, and paranoia. It doesn’t take much to trigger me into rage.

I stress out, everyday and night. The feelings are with me 24 hours a day. I go to therapy every week at the V.A. hospital or private therapy. Life in general is hard to cope with!

You see, few people have any knowledge of what many vets went through until they have been in the military and seen people killed before their own eyes. The non-vet (other than, maybe, law enforcement officers) cannot begin to know the feeling of looking at the business end of a M-16 assault rifle with someone on the trigger end that has just flipped out. It therefore follows that almost none have any knowledge of what it’s like for the returning vet. If they did, I doubt that they would be so quick to say, “Ah, he’ll get over it.”

As the saying goes, “When you’ve walked the walk… you can talk the talk!”

Perhaps some might better understand if they saw the list of medications that the V.A. has been prescribing for me.

Chlorpromazine – 200 mg. 2 each, 4 times a day.
Clonazapam – 2 mg. 2 times a day.
Haldol – 3 mg. (shot) 3 times a month.
Cogentin (Benzotropine) – to be taken as needed for muscle spasms.

Levothyroxine – 0.15 mg. 1 time a day (for headaches). There’s enough for 30 days (30 tab). I run out by the 10th of the month.
Florinal 1 – 2 times a day or as needed.

About a month ago one of my counselors suggested that I start taking F&Q, 2 each 3 to 5 times daily. It seems to really work.

Here are some facts now:

– I sleep peacefully at night with less stress and anxiety when I’m awake.
– I’m able to talk to other non-military persons without feeling paranoid.
– (I still don’t thoroughly trust anyone except my wife).
– The days aren’t so hard on me.
– AND, I don’t need to take the medications I had been.

(Name withheld for reasons of privacy)

—By Mr. Cliff Creager, Editor
Professional Counselor Magazine

Our theory is based on the well known fact that all five of the fight or flee neurotransmitters are interrelated. That is, in stressful situations the Opioid levels are forced down, they force GABA levels down and Dopamine levels up. GABA going down forces Norepinepherine down which in turn forces Serotonin down. Serotonin going down forces the Opioids further down, etc. The dynamic range of this system is large enough that normal stress levels can be tolerated. However, when the stress reaches trauma levels, the system “hits bot.” That is, each component is so low that it forces the others to stay low indefinitely. This happens because as quickly as normal diet provides new neurotransmitters, this system uses them up… PTSD is the result.”

Case Study 3

“Stress Would Normally Have Devastated Me And Sent Me Into Deep Depression And Absolute Rage Over Being Violated Like That”

“Stress has effected my golf game now for about 6 years. No matter how much I played or how much stress or how hard I worked at my game, my score remained somewhere in the high 80’s to mid 90’s. Even after I had fixed up my golf clubs to the max, my game never got better.

Then about 2 months ago I started taking F&Q to help me with my stress and stay mentally focused & calm on the golf course. I did nothing else to improve my game except take F&Q. Believe it or not, after 30 days of taking it everyday, my game finally came together and I’ve been averaging a solid score of 72 to 76, which is a 12 to 14 stroke improvement.

For those of you who can understand the love affair a golfer can have with his/her clubs, I have to tell you what happened last Sunday morning. I left early to go play golf and found that my car had been broken into and my precious Golf Clubs had been stolen. It was one of those events that normally would have devastated me and sent me into deep depression and absolute rage over being violated like that. I even went back into my apartment and I tried my very best to throw a temper tantrum. If this had happened before I started taking F&Q, I would have had the desire to kill someone or violently tear my place up. But I noticed that even though I really tried to get mad, I couldn’t. In fact, I was as calm inside and felt absolutely no rage or hatred towards the person responsible for the theft.

My girlfriend, who is also taking F&Q, knew how much I loved my golf clubs and she couldn’t believe how relaxed and calm I was. Taking F&Q, in my opinion, is the only thing that allowed me to remain levelheaded and at peace with the world even though my life had just been turned up side down.

My girlfriend’s 11-year-old son was diagnosed 5-6 years ago with a bad case of ADHD and had been on Ritalin every day. It was the only thing that kept him in school and in some kind of normal state of mind. In October ‘96 they lost a new prescription and couldn’t afford to have it refilled. I had just heard about F&Q. We began giving it to him and he went through withdrawals from suddenly being taken off of Ritalin. After 6 years of daily Ritalin doses in just 2 months of being on the F&Q this boy became very calm and focused. His whole attitude has totally changed for the better. He listens more attentively, minds his mom quicker and his grades have improved considerably.

He is one of the most level headed, pleasant little boys to talk to and he has the desire to learn to play golf with me. I thank God that he gave F&Q developer the intelligence to create such a wonderful and powerful supplement. It has truly changed my life and the lives of those people I love, who also take it.

I feel strongly that every human on earth would benefit from F&Q and I have a mission to share it with everyone I meet. I can face anything head on and stay calm and focused, and most of all I keep an inner peace inside me with the world around me.”

—Tim G., Helena, MT

Case Study 4

“I Can See The Changes And Have Witnessed Firsthand The Improved Mental Disposition…These Same Clients Have Commented How They Cannot Imagine Their Life Without F&Q”

“My first experience with F&Q was a personal one. I had recently been diagnosed with mercury poisoning and was on an aggressive campaign to rid myself of this highly toxic metal. My brain was adversely affected to the point I could barely function. As I was going through detox, I needed something that would balance what brain function I still had as well as help increase my mental focus and need for calm.

I started taking F&Q at this stage and discovered almost immediately that not only were these issues addressed, but to my surprise I experienced more mental stamina and significantly less brain dysfunction. It was at this time my wife started noticing the benefits and thought F&Q might be able to help her with her bouts of depression. After just a few days she discovered improved and stable moods with considerably less manic swings. Her focus improved as well and she became more confident in handling stressful situations.

These experiences were enough for me to start recommending F&Q to my patients at our health clinic. The results have been nothing short of outstanding. Every person I have shared F&Q with has commented how this essential natural supplement has greatly improved their quality of life. I can see the changes and have witnessed firsthand the improved mental disposition of every patient now taking F&Q. These same patients have commented how they cannot imagine their life without it!

Having practiced natural medicine for the last 13 years, I have noticed that one of the problems facing a number of my patients was their over-supplementing with vitamins and other natural medicines. For this reason, I have purposely hesitated recommending the use of supplements unless absolutely necessary. After researching the role of Phenylalanine and L-Glutamine and discovering the diminished capacity of our bodies to produce these essential amino acids as we age, I can honestly say without hesitation that F&Q should be used by everyone.”

—David K., Eden, NC

Case Study 5

“Depression, Panic Attacks, Sometimes The Medications Would Work, But Not For Very Long, So After Three Years I Decided There Was No Point In Taking Them”

“I suffered for several years and sometimes I could work my way through a depression or panic attack, but other times it was pretty bad and I couldn’t stop it. A lot of the time I would become a recluse or just have to go to bed.

My husband didn’t know what to think or do about my depression and panic attacks, but I know it wasn’t making him very happy. When you’re feeling bad all the time, you don’t remember what feeling good is and you start to think you’re okay, but it was actually becoming a serious problem.

When I realized I couldn’t get rid of the problem, I started taking prescription medication. But the medication didn’t help at all. In fact, they caused sleeplessness, which added to my problems. Sometimes the medications would work, but not for very long, so after three years I decided there was no point in taking them.

I felt like I was under a dark cloud all the time until my daughter introduced me to F&Q containing DL-phenylalanine and other essential neuro-nutrients.

After taking it for about a month I noticed that if I got anxious or depressed, I could bring myself out of it immediately. I realized I wasn’t under a cloud all the time. I started to care about things again and I felt more alive. Things meant something to me and I didn’t feel so dysfunctional.

F&Q is all natural and it makes me feel better. I’ve used it for a couple of years now and it still helps me. I don’t ever want to be without it.”

—Yvonne F., Scottsdale, AZ

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