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Case Study 1

“Had A Recovering Alcoholic Come To Me For Help… Having Withdrawal Problems And Terrible Depression… Even While I Was Examining Her, She Was Shaking All Over”

“Stress, sleep disorders, alcohol addictions, depression… There was a time when I thought that good health meant baking your own pies and cakes!

But when my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, all of that changed. He was given one month to live and I started educating myself about health. That was back in 1975, and he’s still with me today.

With the knowledge that I was gaining and using to help my husband, I began to help friends find answers to their health problems.

Eventually I decided to seriously pursue learning about health and attended numerous seminars and classes. I learned about the body, about diet, about emotions—all the things that make up good health. For almost 10 years now I have operated my own business counseling and helping people with health problems.

But even with everything that I have learned about good health, I was having more health problems than I should have.

I had trouble dealing with the stress of my practice and was not able to sleep, possibly a sleep disorder. I would go to bed really tired and expect to sleep like a log, but after a few hours I’d be wide awake and unable to get back to sleep for hours.

This was happening a couple times a week, so physically I got kind of used to it and was able to make it through the day, but it was taking a toll on my mental attitude.

This went on for a couple years before I learned about F&Q containing DL-phenylalanine and other neuro-nutrients. When a client told me about this supplement, I was skeptical at first, but with my background in health and knowing that brain function is important to good health, I was intrigued about that aspect of this supplement.

I checked it out, and sure enough, it worked. F&Q has helped my brain function better.

My sleep is deeper and I’m more able to deal with the stress I’ve been carrying.

Since F&Q has worked so well for me, I also use it to help my clients.

One example is a recovering alcoholic come to me for help with her alcohol addiction and abuse. She was having withdrawal problems and terrible depression. She just wasn’t able to cope and hadn’t been able to do anything for weeks. Even while I was examining her, she was shaking all over. When I told her about F&Q, she asked if she could take it right then.

She did, and before she left my office she was not shaking anymore.

By the time she got near her home, 45 minutes away, she said to the woman who was driving her, “I’d like to go shopping. I feel like I can do something today.”

She had come to me at 10:00 that morning, and by 5:00 that afternoon she still hadn’t been home yet. She came back to my office and told me she wanted a case of F&Q. “I never want to be without it,” she said. “It’s done more for me than anything I’ve ever had.”

F&Q has been very effective, not only for me, but also for many of my clients. I have seen amazing results and I plan to continue seeing such positive results from using this. It really is a “super brain food.”

—Doris Schmidling R.C., Certified K.P., Holistic Caregiver Certified, Tacoma, WA

Case Study 2

“Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Eating Disorders – I’ll Continue To Use This In My Outpatient Practice For Depressive / Anxiety Sympatology But Also The Spectrum Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders And Diseases, Including Eating Disorders And Chemical Dependency”

“Thanks for your recent letter and interesting questions concerning F&Q and how it works with depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders and so many others. As you know, F&Q has been used extensively for years in the clinic setting. In my outpatient practice, I have used F&Q chiefly for the treatment of mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression in appropriately selected patients. It has worked quite well.

I have several individuals who have previously been unable to wean themselves from pharmaceutical antidepressants prescribed for depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders… etc., and a few individuals who suffered such significant side effects from the pharmaceuticals that we were unable to treat their depression and/or anxiety.

These patients have responded well to F&Q, and I have followed them along for the last 4-5 months. I have found infrequent, if any, side effects associated with F&Q. Moreover, clinical trials are available which support its use and efficacy, not only for depressive and anxiety sympatology but also the spectrum of obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ) and diseases, including eating disorders and chemical dependency.

The ingredients in F&Q were formulated by clinicians based on human and animal laboratory data, demonstrating that central nervous system neurotransmitters could be augmented by amino acid precursor “preloading”.

Specific enzyme cofactors are added to F&Q to enhance those biologic chemical reactions that result in neurotransmitter formation. The specific neurotransmitters involved are serotonin, norepinephrine, and gamma amino butyric acid (GABA). In addition, it turns out that the amino acid phenylalanine is a natural inhibitor of the enzyme enkephalinase, such that supplementation may result in increasing levels of central nervous system endorphins. Most people are aware of the information correlating the relationship of endorphins to optimum health.

In summary, I have found F&Q to be a useful, natural alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. I see no harm in the average individual using a non-prescription supplement like F&Q to combat the stresses and rigors of everyday life.

In the clinical setting where medications are involved, it would be helpful to have the input of a health care professional when contemplating the use of F&Q.

I hope this letter answers the questions you had concerning F&Q. I will continue to use this in my outpatient practice and will be in a position to give you longer term follow up as time goes by.”


—Dr. Steven M. Martini, M.D., P.C., Kalispell, MT

Case Study 3

“Drug Abuse, Addiction – My Brother Had Gotten Off A Drug Called Crack Cocaine, But His Brain Was So Scrambled… He Had Panic Attacks And Basically Could Not Do Anything Most Of The Time”

“To Whom It May Concern: I have intended to write this letter concerning my drug abuse and addiction for three weeks. I am so thrilled that I found F&Q. My brother had gotten off a drug called crack cocaine, but his brain was so scrambled that he couldn’t function properly.

He had panic attacks from his drug abuse and addictions when he would try to do his work and basically could not do anything most of the time. I called him the fifth day after he started taking F&Q. I asked him how he was doing and he said, “Can’t you tell by hearing me talk?” I realized immediately that he wasn’t having problems getting his words out.

He told me that he hadn’t had panic attacks for two days and he was waking up with thoughts of what he needed to do for the day.

He has just finished his first bottle and he is a different person. His panic attacks are history and he is back at the helm of his business on a daily basis.

He looks and acts great.

What else can I say? F&Q has sure proven the doctors wrong. They said his mental ability would probably always be impaired. Thanks to F&Q for giving me my brother back. He’s normal again.”

—Troy A., Nashville, TN

Case Study 4

“Alcohol Addiction & Stress – Two Months Ago I Was An Overstressed Business Owner, Surviving On Coffee To Keep Me Going, And Alcohol To Unwind At The End Of My 12 Hour Day”

“My daughter hardly knew me, and my wife often got shouted at for interrupting me when I was on the phone to clients.

Someone e-mailed me F&Q description for alcohol addiction and stress. The sales pitch interested me, so I made a phone call and they reinforced the benefits of this supplement. I got even more interested because for the first time I’d come across a supplement that actually had been used by specialists for alcohol addiction and stress. Anyway, the point is that I decided that I’d try F&Q.

I never had to demand a refund. In fact I use F&Q every single day, and so do my wife and daughter. I no longer feel the need to drink alcohol. I sleep much better than I have in years. I don’t shout at my wife. My daughter has a bedtime story read to her every night and a father that plays with her.

I take time to structure my day more, and even though I’m still working 10 to 12 hours, I’m not being eaten up by stress. My stress is low and that’s the very reason I decided to try F&Q.

My family has a history of addiction on my mother’s side. Fifteen years ago I was an addict for 5 years. I’ve been drug free for over 10 years now, but the uncomfortable feelings in my body stayed.

What attracted me to F&Q is that it’s 100% natural. It’s Nature doing what she does best… helping people like you and me stop destroying ourselves because of stress, drug, alcohol, ADD or just the fact that we lack the optimum amount of nutrients in our brains to help us live happy and peaceful lives.

Stress aggravated the old feelings I used to have. Two months ago I was an overstressed business owner, surviving on coffee to keep me going, and alcohol to unwind at the end of my 12 hour day. Now, thanks to F&Q, those feelings are kept in check.

I realize that they aren’t necessarily caused by any emotional or psychological dysfunction on my behalf, but because the chemical cocktail in my brain was lacking in certain nutrients. I really can’t tell you how much more comfortable, happy and relaxed I’ve become. I have a “joie de vivre” that I can’t remember having for a long, long time!”

—Rob E., Kearney, NE

Case Study 5

“ADD Child With An Alcoholic (or Alcohol Addiction) Husband …Was It Any Wonder I Was Always Stress-ed Out”

“ADD or attention deficit disorder, it wasn’t always this way. Our married life started out quite normal until my son was diagnosed with ADD. My husband really started to change after the birth of our son. Frank (my husband) always liked to have a few drinks…but nothing out of the ordinary.

Our son, even when he was only a few months old was very active and we marveled at his energy (what we know now as ADD). But soon, I started to look forward to the end of the day…to get some relief from this constant “energy”.

The change was gradual…to everyone…my son…my husband…me. Frank’s drinking was getting worse (he said he needed it to relax) and my son’s “energy” was diagnosed as ADHD. AND me…I was wired as tight as a string on a banjo…always “stressed out”.

These years passed in a “blur”. A never ending “Fighting and Screaming Match”
on our part with a steady stream of being called to our son’s school…meetings with
his teachers…therapy sessions and then finally being asked for our son to change schools.

Frank’s work was starting to suffer. He was missing a lot of work …flu…virus…you know how that goes. I prayed he wouldn’t lose his job and our lives were hanging together by a thread. That would’ve been the end. I prayed for someone to show me the answer and that’s what happened.

My friend told me about F&Q and said it had helped many people with problems like ours. I had been disappointed so many times; I didn’t dare allow myself to hope. I told Frank about F&Q and surprisingly he must have been ready…because he agreed to try it. We decided we’d all (the three of us) try it. Almost an act of desperation for Frank and I.

We had been on F&Q for almost three weeks when our friends started asking about Frank. They noticed a change…he had more patience…no flying off the handle at real or imagined “slights”. His face took on a softened look. His previous constant frown was replaced by (I can’t believe this)…an occasional smile.

For the first time in years Frank was able to stay off of alcohol for more than 3 days and he’s now even promised to start the AA program.

Something else for both of us…sound sleeping. No more fitful turning and thrashing about…no grinding of teeth. At least for now the dragon has been slain.

The greatest miracle of all is that my son was able to get off medication and return to his original school…

THANK YOU for sharing this life-changing F&Q.”

—Majerie W., Boise, ID

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